Short Funky Hairstyles: 6 Quirky Looks to Love Right Now

Ahead, the best funky hairstyles for short hair. Scroll through to find the best short cuts for you!

Many women use their hairstyles as a way to express themselves. If you have a fun and outgoing personality and you’re looking for a short ‘do you might be game for trying out the latest short funky hairstyles. And thankfully there are plenty of cool and trendy funky short hairstyles that work on a variety of hair textures. Read on and get inspired to try something new from our collection of stylish funky short hair.

black model with trendy short funky hair short funky hairstyles
Turn your teeny afro into a short funky hairstyle with one small change.

1. Razor Faded Side Part

If you’re looking for a way to turn your short ‘fro to a style with a funky twist, opt for trying out a cool hair parting. Play around with different shapes and designs to turn the look up a notch. This funky short hairstyle is practical, low-maintenance and a great option for natural hair transitioners that are growing tired of limited styling options during the somewhat long growing out phase.

looking for short funky haircuts? Try the bowl cut as demonstrated by this street style model short funky hairstyles
Turn a simple bowl cut into a cool funky ‘do with bold highlights.

2. Bowl Haircut with Highlights

This sleek retro bowl cut look is currently re-trending and you can easily turn it into a funky short hairdo by incorporating an undercut or adding striking and bold highlights. When styling this cut, be sure to use a hair care system that’ll ensure a smooth finish, like Suave Professionals Sleek Shampoo and Suave Professionals Sleek Conditioner.

when it comes to short funky hairstyles, an asymmetric as demonstrated by this model with red short hair is very popular
Update your short asymmetrical cut a fun bold color. Color can make short styles into short funky hairstyles.

3. Colored Asymmetrical Cut

Sometimes you don’t have to change the shape of your haircut to make it funky. Adding an undercut to an asymmetrical style turns it into one of those head-turning, eye-catching short funky hairstyles. Consider updating the look of short style with a fun hair color. Try a fiery red, like the look above, or you can even try rainbow hair if that taps into your funky style. If you want something you can reveal only when you want to, try a hidden color that can be covered with the longer length of your asymmetrical cut.

funky short hairstyles as shown by street style model with black curled hair
Create a short funky hair look on a pixie cut. Photo credit: Dvora

4. Edgy Pixie

The beauty of most short haircuts is that you can switch up the look anytime you want without settling for one look long term.  It’s easy to create fun short hairstyles. To turn boring pixie styles into short funky hairstyles, you can use a curling iron to create some edgy curls. Mix up the look with straight pieces using a flat iron and be sure to lock it all in with a strong hold hairspray, like Dove Style + Care Strength and Shine Extra Hold Hairspray. When you get tired of the look, wash it out and style as usual.

model with funky short hair in a mullet style, wearing denim short funky hairstyles
The mullet cut is funky and cool all in one! Photo credit: Dvora

5. Choppy Mullet

When it comes to choosing short funky hairstyles for short hair, you can’t go wrong with a shag (bonus: it’s totally trending at the moment) or a modern mullet. This short haircut is ideal for those who want a daring and bold look, or want to showcase their rock ‘n’ roll vibes. To style this funky look, spray your hair with Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, scrunch the product throughout your fingers to add a slight wave and more texture.

when it comes to funky hairstyles for short hair, opting for a feathered pixie as demonstrated by this istock model is great
This wispy pixie is ideal for work or play.

6. Wispy Pixie

Looking for short funky hairstyles, that can also be worn to work?  This feathered pixie look can be turned into a professional look with proper work attire. Pair up this funky hairdo with a tailored work suit, along with some chic heels, and you’re ready for business. After work, rough up your texture with your hands and switch into some comfy shoes. Don’t you love a look that can tap into both worlds?

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