25 Chic Pixie Cut Black Hair Combos We Love

Screenshot away! These pixie cuts for black hair are all-occasion (and weather!) perfect.

Youthful, fresh, and virtually wash-and-wear, pixies have proven to be a favorite of women with straight hair for ages. However, when it comes to haircuts such as the pixie cut black hair or those with curly/African-American hair textures kind of had to work around Mother Nature to achieve that trademark straight, spiky look.

Ever since the advent of hair rebonding and relaxing though—not to mention the power of a quality-made weave—it’s quickly becoming an immensely popular, democratic hairstyle with an uptown/downtown appeal. Whether blown out, spiked up or swept demurely to the side, there’s no mistaking the confidence that this look instantly gives the wearer. Scroll on for the best ways to wear the black pixie cut:

Need ideas on how to wear your pixie cut on natural hair? Check out these 25 styles below.

1. Baby Bangs

baby bangs pixie cut black hair
A micro fringe is the year’s hottest bang style.

A real pixie cut typically has some sort of micro fringe going on around the hairline, with the most flattering ones hanging a bit longer on the temples.

2. Bleached

bleached pixie cut black hair
Deep condition hair after bleaching to avoid damage.

Sometimes the best way to spice up super-short pixie cut for black hair is with a striking color.

3. Bowl Cut

bowlcut pixie cut black hair
Go the high-fashion route with a fringe that’s cut straight across. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Want something totally off-the-runway? Go for a blunt bowl shape, which you can totes sweep to either side as desired.

4. Brushed Up

brushed up pixie cut black hair
Blow-dry your hair before combing to the side for a smoother finish.

Pretty and neat, this classic iteration never goes out of style.

5. Natural Curls

natural curls pixie cut black hair
An overall-curly look is fresh and unusual. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Who said straight hair got to have all the fun? These fun 3B curls get the pixie treatment with this boyish crop.

6. Blown Out

blown out pixie cut black hair
Apply some mousse for lift and hold.

Relaxed lengths can enjoy some lift and shine when blown out at an angle via a blowdryer and a round brush, then swept to one side Tip: Volumizing mousse, such as Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam, helps give a long-lasting shape.

7. Finger Waves

finger waves pixie cut black hair
Keep the temples and sideburns flat and softly curled for a true vintagey take.

A subtle Marcel wave serves up some retro-inspired vibes.

8. Feathered

feathered pixie cut black hair
Blow-dry your hair outward with a small round brush.

Ask your stylist to razor-cut your layers, and use a small round brush for easy flipping!

9. Gelled

gelled pixie cut black hair
Scrunch in some gel serum for shiny, moisturized ringlets. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Want to get in on that trendy wet look? Apply a gel, like Suave Professionals  Define and Shine Serum Gel, to give your curls a glossy definition.

10. Headband

headband pixie cut black hair
Imbibe a ’60s mod feel with a thick headband. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

So clutch for days you’re feeling preppy, or when you just can’t even.

11. Soft Swoop

soft pixie cut black hair
A lightly blown-out finish is perfect for all occasions.

A rounded pixie cut on black hair works the best when it’s been slightly relaxed. Some highlights can add a sophisticated touch.

12. Shaggy

shaggy pixie cut black hair
The longer sides and back gives this look more versatility.

A longer version that flips out slightly at the nape is ideal for those with a wide forehead and narrower or angular jawlines.

13. Moussed

moussed pixie cut black hair
Mousse it on, then muss it up.

Power! This confident pixie haircut for black hair features strands that have been prepped with mousse (try Suave Extra Hold Shaping Mousse) and blown up from the root.

14. Short ’n Spiky

short and spiky pixie cut black hair
Nix the relaxants with a short, punky ‘do.

For those who can’t deal with damage from hair relaxing, a short, spiky natural-textured look can offer a similar vibe.

15. Side-Swept

side-parted pixie cut black hair
A neat side-parted pixie goes well with high cowlicks.

Those with high foreheads (and an even higher cowlick) can benefit from a fringe that grazes the hairline.

16. Middle-Parted

middle parted pixie cut black hair
No need to over style an awesome haircut.

You can wear an off-center parting with a black pixie haircut, as long as your bangs are slightly longer on the sides.

17. Deep Side-Swept

deep side-swept pixie cut black hair
Miss Congeniality: We’re all about this quintessential, wear-anywhere pixie.

The versatile side-swept pixie can also be styled with a deeper, sexier part that bisects the forehead.

18. Side-Shaven

side-shaven pixie cut black hair
Unleash your inner rockstar (at least after 5 p.m.) with a now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t pixie undercut.

Keep the half-undercut trend alive with a fun side fade that you can cover at will.

19. Square

square pixie cut black hair
Clean-cut and evenly shaped, this pixie grows out surprisingly easily.

So-called due to its evenly layered appearance, a square pixie has a somewhat equal thickness on top as it does on the sides and back.

20. Super Cropped

super cropped pixie cut black hair
Take the pain out of transitioning back into natural hair with a super-short haircut.

A tightly cut pixie is a great transitioning haircut for women who want to even out curly roots with straighter ends.

21. Flapper

flapper pixie cut black hair
Perfectly sculpted pin curls make the look. Photo credit: @tahirajoy

We’re in love with @tahirajoy’s awesome 1920s-inspired vintage hairstyle.

22. Parted Pomp

parted pomp pixie cut black hair
That bumpy flip on the hairline is everything. Photo credit: @voiceofhair

The sassy, shiny, rockabilly appeal of this haircut—those sideburns!—is part pinup, part diva.

23. Asymmetrical Waves

asymmetrical waves pixie cut black hair 2
Sweep hair over and across your hairline to expose that sick undercut. Photo credit: Dvora

Cute corkscrew waves are also a clever way to upstyle a side-shaven undercut.

24. Tight Curls

tight curls pixie cut black hair
Align them neatly for a faux 360-wave aesthetic.

Or you can go for a series of tight barrels to jazz up a regular side-swept pixie cut.

25. Long n’ Spiky

long and spiky pixie cut black hair
This punky look definitely puts your face forward. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Longer relaxed hair can also be worn up for a look with a lotta attitude.

Whether you opt for a spiky pixie cut or go for a sleek flapper look, there are so many ways you can style a pixie cut for black hair.

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