Party Hairstyles for a Baby Shower

Serena Norr | 26 June 2016

Baby shower hairstyle ideas that are bound to turn heads. 

Do you have a baby shower to attend and have no idea how to style your hair? With so many aspects to plan, figuring out your hair is often left to the last-minute. With so much excitement that goes into a baby shower, you’ll want to find party hairstyles that are sophisticated, chic and modern. Plus, they’ll be no shortage of pictures where you’ll be able document your awesome style. Read on to discover five of our favorite party hairstyles for a baby shower that we hope will inspire your next look.

Party Hairstyles for a Baby Shower

party hairstyles bobby pins
The side part with bobby pins is our go-to look for a baby shower.

1. Dramatic Side Part

Bobby pins are one of our favorite accessories that are typically used to get hair out of our face or for a simple side style. To change this up a bit for your party hairstyle, we also love to use a collection of medium-sized bobby pins that acclimate to one side of your head, forming a dramatic side part. The beauty of this look is that you won’t have to maintain it after it’s done, so you can enjoy the baby shower with some awesome hair. Need more inspiration? Check out even more ways to use bobby pins in your hair.

party hairstyles buns
Go for multiple buns for funky look for your baby shower.

2. Multiple Buns

For a funkier look for your baby shower, go for the multiple bun look. After you create the half-up, half down look, stack four or buns on the top part of your head. Create this look by making four mini ponytails that you then wrap and twist into a mini bun. You’ll turn heads with this look as you unexpectedly start a new party hairstyle trend.

party hairstyles braided updo
A chic updo is perfect way to style your hair for your baby shower. Photo credit: Faraz Essani Photography

3. Braided Hairstyles

If you typically go for a bun or high-up pony, why not try an upgraded take on this look with a modern braided hairstyle. After you curl your hair, you create a loose braid that you wrap around your head, forming a loose, yet chic updo. Leave two pieces of your hair on the side of your face and enhance its undone curl factor by using some of the Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray.

party hairstyles waves
Rock some wearable waves at your next baby shower. Photo credit: Faraz Essani Photography

4. Loose Waves

We love the look of waves, but at a baby shower you want to make sure that they are wearable, controlled and frizz-free. Prior to the event blow-dry your hair with a round brush. Then, create loose and bouncy ringlets towards the bottom of your hair with a curling wand. Hold the style together with some hairspray like the TTRESemmé Curl Locking Styling Spray that works to define your curls without making your hair sticky.

Party Hairstyles for a Baby Shower snake braid
We are all over this new hairstyle trend.

5. Snake Braid

The latest braid hairstyle is here with the snake braid. We are all about this intertwined hairstyle where several braids are wrapped and twisted into one low bun. Get the full details on how to make a snake braid in our recent hair tutorial.

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