Give Your Blonde Hair Some Color With These 14 Ombré Looks

Play with your style by creating one of these sizzlin' hot ombré blonde hair looks.

There’s a hot trend that we’re currently obsessing over, and we think you should be too: blonde ombré hair. While the style has been around for quite some time, we feel like not enough of our blonde-locked ladies have been utilizing this super cool style. The blonde hair ombré look gives a gradient of fresh color to your hair, and it’s so versatile to style and play with. We bet that this will be the It Girl style of the season, so hop on the trend train and try out one of these hot looks! Read on:

14 Blonde Ombré Hair Looks We’re Obsessed With

blonde ombre hair classic
This classic brown to blonde ombré is always a winner in our hearts.

1. Classic

Take your locks and turn them into this classic blonde ombré hair look. This style is the best way to get that ombré hair brown to blonde hue.

blonde ombre hair light blonde
Light blonde ends can easily amplify your style.

2. Light Blonde

A light blonde ombré is a cute and simple way to lighten up your already blonde locks! To create loose curls with volume like the style above, apply some Nexxus Exxpand+ Volumizing Whip into your strands when styling.

blonde ombre hair dark brown roots
These dark brown roots give your blonde ombré hair a drastic color gradient.

3. Dark Brown Roots

These dark brown roots give your blonde ombré hair a stand-out look that will definitely catch some eyes.

blonde ombre hair platinum-pastel
Ice-platinum paired with a pop of colored ends is too cool to ever pass up.

4. Platinum-Pastel

These cool platinum locks pair perfectly with pastel-colored ends. This is one of our favorite looks for the bold and brave ladies.

blonde ombre hair dark high ombré
Let the blonde flow with this high-ombré style.

5. High Ombré

Give your blonde ombré hair a cool, unique look by starting the color change at the midpoint between the shoots and shaft of your strands. You can also create a curled affect like above that stays in place all day long without frizz by spritzing Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray into your locks.

blonde ombre hair ash blonde roots
This ashy blonde color is one of the hottest pigments on the scene.

6. Ash Blonde Roots

This muted ash pigment gives your roots a cooler tone, while light blonde ends create a popping vibrancy that can’t be ignored.

blonde ombre hair long hair
The longer, the better with these locks.

7. Long Hair

Let down your long hair in style with a blonde ombré hair look!

blonde ombre hair teddy brown roots
This warm teddy brown is the perfect color for your roots.

8. Teddy Brown Roots

This warm and inviting teddy brown paired with powerful blonde ends creates an effortlessly chic look that stands out from the crowd.

blonde ombre hair light brown roots
Light up your hair’s life with light brown roots.

9. Light Brown Roots

A light brown to blonde ombré style gives your overall look a cool, posh effect that’s ready for the runway. We know that hair dye can really take the sheen out of your locks, so gloss up your hair with the Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum. 

blonde ombre hair honey blonde-chalk colored
These sweet honey blonde locks stand out from the crowd when paired with chalk-colored ends.

10. Honey Blonde With Chalk-Colored Ends

A sweet honey blonde ombré that changes into captivating chalk-like colors is a fun and quirky play on the average blonde ombré hair looks.

blonde ombre hair sombre
If you’re into the subtler styles, a sombré look is the perfect fit for you.

11. Sombré

We know that sometimes a regular ombré look can be a little too drastic for one’s taste. So if you’re into the simpler things in life, the sombré style will probably be more in your favor. This subtler ombré on blonde hair looks gorgeous in just about any hairstyle, and gives it a slight change in color that makes a big difference to your style.

blonde ombre hair caramel blonde
Satisfy your hair craving with caramel blonde ends.

12. Caramel Blonde

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then turn your hair into the ultimate eye candy with this mouth-watering caramel blonde color!

blonde ombre hair bronde roots
Give your bronde color some vibrancy with ombré ends.

13. Bronde Roots

If your hair sits in the line between brown and blonde, then you can easy play up your medium-toned color by lightening your ends and creating a blonde ombré hair affect.

blonde ombre hair unicorn
Get a magical style with this unicorn ombré look.

14. Unicorn Ombre

If you have a mystical, free-spirited nature, then you’re going to love this play on the viral unicorn beauty trend: the unicorn ombré!

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