From K-Pop to Festival Season Block Color Hair Is The Craze this Summer

Why settle for one color when you can wear two?

If you are someone who likes to experiment with hair color, you’ll be thrilled to hear that block color hair is the colorful trend of the season. This hair color trend combines two vibrant hair colors to create a completely unique blend of hues. This trend utilizes techniques like balayage, ombré, and the more recent money piece method to combine two bright shades of color.

Are you thinking about trying out the block color hair trend? Read on for 5 ways to wear this look:

1. Pink Ombré

block color hair pink
This pop of pink is perfect for summer.

Create a color blocking effect by leaving your roots their natural shade and added a bright pop of pink hair color to the ends. This block hair color look is a great way to integrate color into your strands while still maintaining your root color.


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2. Baby Pink Braids

block color hair pink braids
Add some color to your braids!

Thinking about trying out this trend but feeling hesitant about the damage? Avoid any damaging color processes by opting for a colorful protective style. Integrate bright hair colors into your style and leave some of your natural color visible to create a block color effect.

3. Vibrant Purple and Brunette

block color hair purple rooted
Keep your roots natural and try this vibrant purple.

Alternatively, consider this bright purple hue. This shade of vibrant hair color is a beautiful contrast to a base brunette shade. The upside of this color combination is that you can easily grow out your hair without rushing back to the salon for touchups.

4. Pink and Purple

block color hair pink purple
Two vibrant colors are better than one!

When it comes to this trend, many people opt to go big or go home. This style is one example of a bright combination of shades that truly makes a statement.

5. A Layer of Green

block color hair green brown
Blend your deeper hair colors.

Not all block hair color styles required bright and bold neon hair colors. This deep shade of green is an alternative option that offers a more subdued take on the hair color trend.

Are you thinking about trying out this style? Be sure to share the results with us over @AllThingsHairUS!

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