This Five Minute Hair Routine Saves Me On Busy Mornings

How to look presentable in five minutes or less. 

Despite my best efforts to create a solid sleep schedule and get to bed early so I can pop out of bed easily, I am a snooze button lover at my core. This has forced me to create a rushed version of my morning routine that still allows me to show up at the office looking presentable. My morning routine starts with a cup of coffee and a lively playlist that I’m sure my neighbors love and it ends with this five minute hair routine that saves me from looking like I just rolled out of bed. Here’s the rundown on this easy hair routine and a look at which products you need to make it your own:

five minute hair routine brunette highlights headband
This scarf is one of my favorites. Photo credit: Arianna Sharfman Photography

1. Protect

The secret to an effective five minute hair routine is all in the right preparation. The first step before using any hot tools or starting the styling process is to protect my hair. I just started using The Good Stuff Weightless Protection Mist and have already fallen in love it. The heat protection spray gives my hair the protection it needs without weighing it down.

2. Style

After that, I use a 1-inch curling iron to create loose curls throughout my hair. By curling larger sections at a time, I can get through all of my hair in under two minutes and easily create these loose waves. This time-saving hack is essential for a five minute hair routine. Then I grab a scarf (this floral pattern is my favorite for summer) and tie it into a headband.

3. Secure

The last step is to secure the style! I’m big on adding volume to every style so I usually go with Bed Head by TIGI Full of It Volume Hairspray. This hairspray adds a touch of volume and movement while also holding my waves in place.

That’s it! This five minute hair routine has saved me many mornings when I’m downing my coffee as I run out the door and praying the MTA takes mercy on me.

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