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This Drugstore Co-Wash Is Saving My Strands This Summer

The cleansing compromise you need to be aware of. 

At a recent appointment with my colorist, she reminded me that  I should be washing my hair twice a week at most. And while I aspire to this standard of infrequent hair washing, it doesn’t feel very realistic in the summer. The city is hot, the subways are at least ten degrees hotter than that, and those post-workout sweaty strands send my hair over the edge. Even the best dry shampoo doesn’t do it for me in this heat! Enter: the co-wash method. Using a cleansing conditioner to c0-wash my hair is my forgotten solution to this yearly challenge. Opting for a cleansing conditioner helps me avoid drying my hair out by over-washing it while still allowing me the benefits of frequent washes.

My New Favorite Drugstore Co-Wash

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Co-washing your hair will be a lifesaver this summer. Photo credit:

I was recently introduced to the new Nexxus Color Assure Long Lasting Vibrancy Cleansing Conditioner. This drugstore buy is easily available without too much of an investment and it truly delivers. Formulated for color-treated hair, this cleansing conditioner cleanses and moisturizes color treated hair. It’s sulfate-free and full of Elastin Protein and quinoa that will build your hair up and increase its vibrancy.

You start by getting your hair wet as you would before a regular hair washing session. After that, you run the co-wash through your strands from the roots to the tips and massage the product in. Wait about three minutes for the co-wash to do the heavy lifting and then rinse it out thoroughly. You’ll notice that your hair feels kind of slick and soft as it does when you rinse regular conditioner out of your hair. The magic of the co-wash is that it conditions as it cleanses and helps you avoid drying your hair out.

Co-washing is an important method to consider if you’ve recently gotten your hair dyed but can’t commit to just twice-a-week washes. Your hair will be clean but you won’t ruin all of your colorist’s hard work or waste your investment!

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