Layered Haircuts: 10 Style Ideas You Need to Know

See the reason why this look is a forever favorite.

Contrary to popular belief, layered haircuts aren’t just for short hairstyles. Anyone can get layers on their hair. You can use layers to spruce up, or add volume and body to just about any hair length. It’s all about finding the right type of layers for the style you have or the style you’re aiming to achieve.

Whether you want to try layered hairstyles inspired by the shag, or add layers to your long locks to encourage body, we’ve rounded up some cute layered haircuts you need to know. Have a look:

layered haircuts: body
Add body to your hair with layers. Photo credit:

1. Layered Haircuts for Body

Does your hair lack body? Besides switching your hair care system and including products that boost volume in your strands, you can opt for a proper layered haircut as well. Ask your stylist for layers to encourage body within your look.

Layered Haircuts: Choppy Pixie
Add a little edge to your look.

2. Choppy Layers

It doesn’t ever hurt to add a bit of edge to your haircuts with layers. The choppy layered haircut will give you just the right amount of edge you need. Want to define your layers? Style hair with S Factor by TIGI Creamy Molding Wax to create additional hold or texture to your look.

layered haircuts: curly cut
Layers for your curlicues.

3. The Curly Cut

Every curly girl needs to get a proper curly cut if she’s looking for getting the perfect shape to her style. Try a layered cut like this wedge style to give your curls a healthier appearance and feel. To style, define your ringlets with TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel and dry with a diffuser.

layered haircuts: distressed layers
Layers don’t have to be perfect. Photo credit:

4. Distressed Layers

Not into the perfectly layered look? Well, distressed layers are a thing and they are truly wearable. If you fancy undone hairstyles, this look is for you. Make your texture a bit more prominent with a salt spray like Bed Head by TIGI Queen Beach Salt Infused Texture Spray.

layered haircuts: double layer
One long, one short. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

5. Double Layer

Try two layers instead of one! This look is perfect if you’re after something simple and different from the rest.

layered haircuts: faux layers
No you see it, now you don’t. Photo credit:

6. Faux Layers

Did you know you can achieve the look of layered hair without cutting your locks? Fake the look of layered haircuts with a simple styling technique. When curling your hair to achieve waves, curl every other section of your hair and then blend it all in with your fingers.

layered haircuts: long curls
Opt for curls that have body.

7. Long Curly Layers

Who said long hair can’t be layered? Adding layers to your long hairstyle is the best thing you can do to achieve volume to your look.

layered haircuts: short crop
Short layered pixie.

8. Short Layered Crop

Breathe life into your short cuts with the help of layers. If you are adding layers to a pixie, opt for adding layers at the top of your crown for height. You can also consider adding layered bangs to give your fringe a standout look.

layered haircuts: way layers
Perfect chop for short and wavy hairstyles. Photo credit:

9. Wavy Layers

We believe layered haircuts make wavy styles look so much better. Don’t believe us? Have a look at the style above and picture it without any layers involved. Add a few natural-looking layers to your style to create this effortless look.

layered haircuts: soft layers
Gentle layers is the name of the game. Photo credit:

10. Soft Layers

Not all layered haircuts have to involve a super hardcore look. Go easy with soft layers. To style, add subtle curls to create a natural look.

1. Get regular trims.

Trims are an essential part of hair maintenance. The primary reason is to ensure that gnarly split ends don’t come creeping into your tresses. With layered haircuts, you have to be particularly diligent with trimming, especially if you have layers that frame your face. In general, the more you wait, the more your haircut can get messy and lose definition and depth. Pro tip: A general rule of thumb is to trim every six weeks.

2. Change up your color.

Even the hottest haircut in the world can get boring pretty quickly if not spruced up from time to time. Mix up layered cuts by enhancing the look with some color. This can be a subtle change of hue to enhance your natural hair color, or even something as simple as highlights. The ombré look is also really popular, with long layers that naturally grow out of hair if and when you want to try something completely new.

3. Keep your hair healthy.

In addition to trims, your layered strands will need proper moisture. Be sure to use a moisture-rich hair treatment like Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask to maintain the healthy look and feel of your hair. You can use the mask once or twice a month.

4. Mix up your style.

Just like adding color to mix up your look, changing your hairstyle will also help your layered haircut have some staying power. This can be as simple as adding waves to your straight hair or straightening out your waves or curls. This, however, can be challenging to try everyday so be sure to reserve serious styling when you want to look polished and have the time to concentrate on altering your hair.

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