What are the Right Accessories for Curly Hairstyles?

Hair accessories for your curly locks.

Featuring a variation of fun sizes, shapes and materials, hair accessories are a functional yet, fun way to decorate your hair and showcase some of your personality. These days, hair accessories go beyond being worn for a particular aesthetic or cultural value and have become the norm to mix-up our everyday style. With curly hair, they can really take curly hairstyles from drab to fab.

While we don’t mind embracing our girl boss side, and breaking all the rules, everything has a time and a place. As we all may know: Accessories for curly hair can really make the look! However, you may not want to wear that tiara to the gym. We’re here to help! Check out some of our recommendations for your curly hair, and then be sure to take our poll to vote for your most favorite hair accessory!

Best Hair Accessories to Try On Curly Hairstyles

I work out a lot, but would love to try out a hair accessory. What should I try?

Fabric headband

Here you go curly sport! Channel athletes of the ancient times with the modern take on the sports headband. Slick back your ringlets and protect your hairline with an elastic headband. You can find these in a variety of colors and fabrics to match your personal taste. Now go ahead and work up a sweat!

curly hairstyles festival hair crown brown waves
Floral crown headbands aren’t just for festivals. Give your wavy or curly hairstyle an update with this cute accessory. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Cowlicks and fly-aways sometimes get the best of me. Is there any way to tame them with an accessory?

Fancy headband

Dating back to ancient times, headbands were used to hold hair in place. Today, the best friend to all hair lengths and textures, serve a functional and decorative purpose. Channel the Flappers movement from the ’20s, and glam up your hairstyle with an adorable headband, or go bohemian chic with a floral headpiece for your crown.

What’s a cute way to channel the 19th century for a themed party?

Hair bow

Taking cues from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, wear these closely woven strips of yarn in a fashionable yet classic way. Side sweep hair on your preferred side and add a bow. You can also add a chic finish to your updo with this accessory.

bobby pin hairstyles side pins
Bobby pins are a classic, no-fuss way to style your curly or wavy hair.

I want to try something trendy, what hair accessories are hot at the moment?


Gone are the days when hairpins are only used to keep your style in place. This accessory is a functional prop that adds a simple statement to your hairstyle. Criss-cross, zig-zag, or use fun contrast colors to pin down, but, jazz up your ringlets.

curly hairstyles with accessories
Floral hair accessories add a fun and girly touch. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A ponytail is my BFF, what’s a great way to jazz it up from time to time?

Embellished scrunchie

The scrunchie has been a mainstay in hair history. Take your updo to new heights with a jazzy hair-tie or ponytail holder and allow your curls to hang down. These elastic bands come in handy for hairstyles from short to long. With so many styles and options, the opportunity to add some character to your curly pony is endless.

curly hairstyles accessories
Update your dread locks or curly natural hair updos with charms or floral accessories.

What’s a great way to accessorize natural hair?


Normally used to adorn braids or dreads—as shown by African cultures for hundreds of years—charms are also great accessories for curly hairstyles long or shorts. Snap these pliable clips onto your curly strands. The key here is strategic placement: try to spread them out evenly across your mane for a uniform look.

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Now you’ve found your match! Feel free to revert back to this guide to help with accessorizing your curly hairstyles.