10 Best Fun (and Funny) Haircuts and Hairstyles

Some of them are actually *very* wearable. 

Ah, the need for change. It’s brought a lot of us to the brink… and for some, this involves just wanting to do something happy and fun with our hair. And by that, we mean something out of the ordinary just for a change, just for short period of time. That’s how we feel about these so-called funny haircuts. Because if there’s any time that we need to be put into a good mood, it’s nowadays. Sigh.

*Before we dive into the hairstyle ideas below, we want to say one thing: All of these hairstyles may seem “funny” to some, but to others, they’re also completely wearable and stylish looks. We respect all hairstyles, and whatever you choose to wear is totally up to you. Read on as we show you all of the cute but funny haircuts we’re into at the moment:

The haircuts below may be hard to grow out if you’re trying funny haircuts temporarily. We suggest trying these hairstyles out on a wig so you won’t sacrifice cutting all of your hair.

funny haircuts: short, colorful and funky
Short and funky hairstyle.

1. Colorful Cut

If you find yourself after a haircut that plays with color but then can’t decide which dye to choose, go for them all. After all, getting a look like this is all about doing something out of the ordinary and enjoying every minute of the look. Need ideas? How about getting rainbow hair?

funny haircuts: cowlick mullet
Let your cowlick be the center of attraction.

2. Cowlick Mullet

You know that cowlick that you love to hate and tried every hair product under the sun to get rid of? Go for funny haircuts that allow you to embrace the look, like this cowlick mullet style.

funny haircuts: galaxy hair
Let gravity do its thing with your hair.

3. Galaxy Hair

This looks kind of reminds us of our favorite sci-fi shows. Imagine gravity doing your hair for you! How can it get any more fun than this? Pair the look with some fun cosplay makeup to complete your look.

funny haircuts: pink bangs
A funny haircut should be fun and cool at the same time.

4. Pink Bangs

Want a haircut with a fun pop of color? Try this short pink bang style. The color pink alone screams fun, fun, fun! Rough it up a little with Bed Head by TIGI Hard to Get Texturizing Paste to create the spiky effect.


Funny haircuts: reverse mohawk
Party at the back!

5. Reverse Mohawk

Give the traditional mohawk haircut a funky update. This look keeps things business if the front and party at the back. Consider coloring just your mohawk section to make the haircut stand out even more. If you don’t want to commit to a new hair color, you can use hair chalk for a temporary fix.

funny haircuts: edgy pixie
Edgy, cool and a little funny but we love it nevertheless.

6. Edgy Pixie

Growing tired of your simple pixie haircut? Turn the cut up a notch with a fun spin on the look. We love the geometric vibes this edgy pixie cut gives.

funny haircuts: Choppy Hair
Add a funky makeup look to match your haircut.

7. Choppy Hair

There’s nothing like pairing up funny haircuts with funny makeup to match. Complement your cool, uneven bangs with funky feather eyelash extensions.

funny haircuts: teased short haircut
Not lacking in volume here.

8. Teased Hair

The backcombing technique is not just for creating styles like pompadours or securing the ends of your braided looks. Try the technique to give your funny haircut a voluminous finish, then set it with a firm hold hairspray, like Catwalk by TIGI Firm Hold Hairspray.

funny haircuts: shattered bob
Bob haircut style with jagged edges.

9. The Shattered Bob

When it comes beauty you can draw inspiration from just about anywhere. Doesn’t this haircut remind you of shattered glass? If you’re looking for something funny but practical at the same time, we definitely suggest trying your hand at this bob style.

funny haircuts: shades of blue
Create a dramatic effect with different shades of blue.

10. Shades of Blue

Love blue? Add 50 different shades of it to your funny haircut. This is such a fun crop!



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