6 Fun Beach Hair Ideas You’ve Got to Try

Simple beach ideas that will have you basking in the sun in minutes.

Beach season is on! The new bathing suit, sunscreen, hats and snacks are packed. But how are you going to style your hair? With the focus on fun in the sun, less is more where you probably want a simple style for your beach hair. But as you know, simple can be stunning and we love the unkempt, but kept look that’s typically associated with a day of carefree fun at the beach. From simple styles with hats to beautiful braids, check out six of our favorite beach hair looks, plus an awesome quiz towards the end where you can select your favorite look.

Beach Hair Ideas

beach hair waves

1. Beachy Hair Waves

The quintessential look for the beach are those coveted, bouncy hair waves. While this look of natural ringlets looks incredible, not all of us are blessed with such curlicues. Fake this style before you go to the beach by finger scrunching your hair with some seal salt spray, like Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. This formula works to create some incredible all-over body and cool loose textured look that can last up to 24 hours. Get even more tips on how to create beachy waves with our in-depth hair tutorial.

beach hair summer hat
Protect your head (and hair) with a cool beach hat this summer.

2. Hair Down with a Hat

We all know the sun can effect our bodies as we lather up with sunscreen (SPF 50, please) but sometimes we neglect to protect our heads. This summer, be sure to protect your head (and hair!) with a hat. We love the look of big summer hats that can cover your entire head, but baseball hats, visors, etc are pretty awesome, too.

beach hair messy bun
Rock the messy bun for a carefree hairstyle at the beach.

3. Messy Bun

Go for an effortless ‘do that won’t bother you with a messy bun. You don’t need much skill with this look, especially since it’s key factor is the messy look. Basically grab your hair and twist it into a low or high bun and you are good to go.

beach hair ponytail
Pony up and go. It can’t get any simpler than that for your beach-day look.

4. Get Up and Go Pony

For more of a contained beach hair look, opt for the classic ponytail. This works well on those with medium-to-long hair where you simply brush your hair and place it in a ponytail. You’ll be having so much fun at the beach, you’ll forget all about your hair.

beach hair simple braid
A braid is a stunning way to get your hair out of your face at the beach.

5. Braided Look

By now you know how much we love (ok- are mildly obsessed) with braids. And that’s a good thing. Braids make it so easy to get your hair out of your face while creating a sophisticated and ultra feminine style. While we adore fishtails, Dutch braids, and the like, save those plaits for when you have more time. For your beach day, opt for a simple side braid that will stun and get you out of the house in minutes. If you tend to get frizzy strands along the side of your hair, use some of the Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum-in-Oil whose formula works to nourish your hair.

beach hair fishtail
Style your dreadlocks in a cool updo for the beach.

6. Dreadlock Styles

Those who have dreadlocks might have some challenges when planning their hair for a day at the beach. Consider creating a half updo where you locks can be contained at your face but loose at the ends. Another favorite is the high bun hairstyle.

Looking for more beach hair ideas? Check out how to get flirty beach waves.

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