Retro Revival: ’90s Grunge Hairstyles from NYFW

Hot off NYFW: 90s hair!

The ’90s are back and actually better than ever as evidenced from the beauty and fashion scene that’s been rampant with reviving this vintage hairstyle. Most recently, we’ve seen this on Zoella’s ’90s lob to some fashion campaigns that are giving us some major ’90s vibes. Scrunchie, anyone?! There’s just something about lived-in/grungy hair that looks effortlessly cool and even a bit edgy. To score the latest in the re-vamped ’90s grunge hairstyles, we’re sharing some of our favorite looks from New York Fashion Week that feature an ode to the decade that keeps inspiring. Read on to score some modern updates inspired by the hair trends from the ’90s.

’90s Grunge Hairstyles that are Back and Better than Ever

'90s Grunge Hairstyles with a beanie
A beanie short cut is the ultimate ’90s hairstyle. Photo credit:

1. Beanie Hair

Ah, yes the beanie. How we love you, especially with the bitterness that is the winter. Not only a functional fashion choice, this look, when paired with a lob or bob, is the ultimate classic hairstyle that’s ridiculously easy to pull off. Just apply some of the TRESemmé Smooth Serum to your hair to get those frizzes to chill out, then brush your hair and place your beanie on your hair. Donzo!

'90s grunge hairstyles from New York Fashion Week
Power to the pixie in this fun ’90s-inspired look. Photo credit:

2. Short Pixie

The ’90s was all about powerful pixie cuts that we saw on some of our favorite musicians and actresses. An ode to simplicity, this look is still a powerhouse that can be a combo of long bangs, side swept layers or shaved sides. We love this NYFW-inspired look that’s paired with bangs with the focus on the cut being a short and defined. With spring coming soon, this one look that we definitely have our eye on.

'90s Grunge Hairstyles long parted
Long middle parted hair is so ’90s. Photo credit:

3. Middle Parted

On the opposite side of the hair spectrum is the long ’90s hairstyles that was personified by its straight middle part. A controlled hairstyle, you’ll need a good wide-tooth comb to help you define your part. For the effortless wavy look, apply some of the Nexxus Promend Heat Protecting Mist onto your hair. Then, use a small a round brush, focusing on the ends as you create a mini wave via your blowdryer.

'90s grunge hairstyles the rocker
Hey, there rock star. Photo credit:

4. Wavy Lob

A rocker chic hairstyle we love is the middle parted lob. This look is perfect when you get bored of your lob (it happens!) where you can rock a texturized lob featuring a texturized, wavy look. Apply some Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray onto your damp hair, scrunch your hair with your fingers as you create a loose wave.

'90s grunge hairstyles from New York Fashion Week
A lightly teased hairstyle that’s an ode to the ’90s. Photo credit:

5. Teased Hairstyle with a Hidden Braid

Taking some cues from the glory days of the ’80s, the ’90s teased hairstyle wasn’t as big but still focused on volume. To achieve, use a wide-tooth comb as you work section-by-section to comb your hair upward, creating volume and then release. Do this all the way around your head until you achieve the height that you’re digging. This look also features a cute hidden braid, which we think is always a good idea!

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