25 Hair Colors to Try This Winter Season

Got the mid-winter blues? Spice up your life with one of these fun colors!

It’s that time of the year again: we’re officially mid-way to winter. It’s starting to get incredibly cold and morale is low. But there is one way to spice up your life and pick yourself up from the cold weather blues, and that’s to try a new hair color! Now’s the perfect time to try out some winter hair colors before the season begins, and it’s a great way to say bye to old, boring days and hello to some fabulous locks. So go ahead: try out some of our top winter hair colors to get ready for the season.

winter hair colors toasted brown
A toasted brown colors is one of the perfect winter hair colors to spice up your season.

1. Toasted Brown

This subtle and medium-toned brown hue is perfect for transitioning in between seasons.

winter hair colors silver
Get a fierce look with silver locks.

2. Silver

This trending color pairs perfectly with frosty snow!

winter hair colors retro red
It’s time to bring this retro red hue back!

3. Retro Red

This vibrant red will warm up your spirits during the cold winter months.

winter hair colors sun-kissed blonde
This sun-kissed color is great for lighting up your winter nights.

4. Sun-Kissed Blonde

It’s technically not summer, but we can always pretend with this hot color. Give your hair a textured beach-wave look by using Bed Head by TIGI Stick when styling your locks.

winter hair colors classic blonde
Get a faux-natural look with this classic blonde color!

5. Classic Blonde

This classic style will upgrade your locks into blonde perfection.

winter hair colors multi-toned
Make your hair a perfect concoction of colors.

6. Multi-Toned

This mixture of colors is one of our top winter hair colors for its vibrance and uniqueness.

winter hair colors bronde
Can’t decide between blonde or brown? Then go bronde!

7. Bronde

When in doubt, choose bronde! This color is the perfect median between blonde and brunette and is sure to get heads turning in envy.

winter hair colors bright red
Make your hair color as bright and cheerful as you are!

8. Bright Red

These fiery locks will totally lighten up your winter season. Keep your color bright all season long by washing your locks with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Shampoo and TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Conditioner.

winter hair colors deep red
If you want a dramatic change, this deep red color will do the trick.

9. Deep Red

The deeper the better with these deep red locks!

winter hair colors golden blonde
Stay golden with this fabulous color!

10. Golden Blonde

This golden blonde hue will brighten your days and make you feel warm and cheery during the winter months to come.

winter hair colors oil slick color
This edgy splash of color is perfect for your locks.

11. Oil Slick Colors

Want a more rebellious, out-of-the-box look? These ultraviolet “oil slick” colors will do just the trick!

winter hair colors dark roots
Let your roots grow out for a fun and laid-back look.

12. Grown Out Roots

Who said you actually had to dye your hair to have some fun winter hair colors? Just let your hair grow out and rock your natural colored roots.

winter hair colors teal
This vibrant real color is one of our favorite winter hair colors because it adds an extra spark to your style.

13. Teal

Teal hair color is so mesmerizing and mermaid-like. If you truly want a bold and brave look, teal hair will always do the trick.

winter hair colors chocolate brown
Transform your hair into major eye candy with this chocolate brown color.

14. Chocolate Brown

What’s more delectable than chocolate itself? Chocolate brown hair, of course!

winter hair colors highlights
Highlights are a timeless look that never go out of style.

15. Highlights

Highlights are always such a fun and timeless look to choose. They’re also extremely versatile and can be styled with just about any color you’d like.

winter hair colors ombre
Ombré locks are always trendy!

16. Ombré

This trending look is such a posh gradient of dark and light colors and is always a great look for just bout any season.

winter hair colors dark blonde
A deep, dark blonde is perfect for the wintertime.

17. Dark Blonde

If you’re looking to take your blonde locks down a notch, then dark blonde is perfect for you. Add extra shine to your locks without damaging your color by using a mask like Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Murumuru Butter & Rose 2-Minute Magic Masque.

winter hair colors jet black
Stand against the crowd with jet black hair.

18. Jet Black

Go dark as night with these jet black locks. They’re fitting for the edgiest and coolest of ladies.

winter hair colors neon
Have fun with neon hair!

19. Neon

Have some fun with neon hair! There are tons of pigments and colors to choose from to make your hair the life of the party.

winter hair colors red wine
This red wine color is sultry and funky.

20. Red Wine

This intoxicating color is one of our top winter hair colors for a reason: it’s smooth pigment and captivating hue is great enough for anyone to rock!

winter hair colors dirty blonde
Have some fun with classic dirty blonde tresses!

21. Dirty Blonde

This is another timeless color that we can just never get enough of, no matter what the season may bring.

winter hair colors sombre
A gradual sombré is so chic and posh.

22. Sombré

This cooler, calmer cousin of the ombré.

winter hair colors classic brown
Because nothing beats a classic!

23. Classic Brown

This classic brown hue is versatile or any skin tone and hair type. It’s cool-toned hue fits with the cool weather out too!

winter hair colors vibrant ombre
Spice up your average ombré with some fun colors!

24. Vibrant Ombré

Shake things up with a vibrant, colorful ombré! There’s tons of neons and pastels to choose from, and it’ll definitely make you the fashionista of your group.

winter hair colors cinnamon
Get a spicy-yet-sweet look with cinnamon locks.

25. Cinnamon

This hair color is sweet, playful, and sexy. Be prepared to have eyes popping out and jaws dropping when people look at this sultry color.

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