Runway to Real Way: 7 Chic White Blonde Hair Looks

Dreaming of a White Christmas? We gotchu.

White blonde hair isn’t the easiest to pull off, we agree; it’s a remarkably unique shade, and requires a good deal of upkeep to look its best. However, as there was considerable demand for platinum this year, those following runway and beauty trends took to this shade of blonde a lot, favoring its crisp, cool tones over yellower blonde shades.

Notoriously tricky to care for, white blonde hair has to be vigilant against roots, brassing and porosity of the strand—not to mention damage, especially on the ends! But the payoff, as we all know, is spectacular, and you’ll end up with a shade that’s as head-turning and glamorous as it is high-maintenance.

Scroll down for some of our favorite real ways to wear this runway favorite. Can y’all say White Christmas?

7 Chic White Blonde Hair Looks for Winter

white blonde hair relaxed lob
A lilac-gray platinum looks stunning against darker complexions (and the lob is a healthy length, too). Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

1. Lilac-Gray Lob

White blonde can be dialed up or down depending on preference, and in this case, takes on a slightly more low-key tone with lilac-gray. The shade is a bit softer and more forgiving than a complete bleach-out of color, not to mention super on-trend in social media and real life. Wearing hair in a lobbed length, or a cut that lands near the collarbones, helps keep your ends look healthy and free of fraying.

white blonde hair purple wash
A slight violet ombré gives you the best of both worlds: unicorn color and platinum. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

2. Violet Ombré

White blonde hair is particularly susceptible to staining, so why not put this to your advantage with a deliberate wash of color? A wash of violet on the fringe area gives this look a grown-up spin to boho-chic, especially as the shade literally fades out to white near the ends. Worn in a bob with long side-swept bangs, the effect is lighthearted yet classy.

white blonde hair cropped pixie
Details on the fringe and sides give the look more dimension. Photo credit: Dvora

3. Creamy White Pixie

Immaculately maintained roots call for a cut that pulls no punches. A perfect, creamy allover white blonde shade looks healthiest when cut short (because bleach can damage your older ends, and even make hair porous and frizzy). This is a slightly punky, statement-making look that doesn’t need much accessorizing; some strategic point-cutting at the fringe area, as well as a moisturizing serum, is enough to keep this hairstyle on point.

white blonde hair pony undercut
An undercut or side shave breaks up the monotony of a bleached-out look. Photo credit: Dvora

4. Platinum Undercut

If you’re bold enough to try platinum, we’re thinking an undercut isn’t too far out of the question. In fact, it can make for a pretty stylish look, as it provides some dimension on an otherwise monotonous head of color. Just make sure to maintain those roots, as sporting an undercut or a side-shave lends to a more obvious grow-out. Otherwise, have fun with your directional style, and try some looks that complement your white blonde hair, such as a spacey top knot or some quirky bangs.

white blonde hair slick pony
A few drops of gel onto palms before tying your hair into a ponytail create some modern texture. Photo credit:

5. Wet-Look Ponytail

Although anyone can sport this look, natural baby blondes have it easiest when sporting sharper hairstyles such as a slicked-back pony—there’s little risk of any harsh contrast with the roots and brows. In any case, gelling hair back with your fingers gives it a slightly rougher, sleeker edge, which plays off fashionably against thick, puffy outerwear during the colder months. With this look, overthinking is the enemy; some slight ridging at the sides actually adds to its appeal.

white blonde hair blunt bangs
Quirky and fresh, bangs add a whole layer of personality to a short white bob. Photo credit:

6. Piecey Bangs with Bob

Another case for short white blonde hair is the bob with bangs. The abbreviated length obviously does away with frayed ends, and is a striking silhouette to work with, particularly if you have delicate features or have a jaw you want to accentuate. The Cleopatra-style bob gets a more modern flavor with a cute set of chunky bangs, tamed in place with a serum and a comb.

shaggy white blonde hair
The shag, this year’s best in show. Photo credit:

7. Wispy Shag

Grow out that super-short bob and you’ll end up with a delicate wispy shag. The style could very well be known as 2016’s dark horse: No one expected a renaissance but it totally made sense once we saw it in action. It’s a surprisingly flattering silhouette that not only goes with most face shapes, it also works well around any hoodies or beanies, as the bottom hem lines up where your natural flip starts.

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