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How to Style Your Hair Like the Gilmore Girls

A peek into the latest adventures of the Gilmore Girls and some tips on how to achieve their effortless style.

After a long hiatus, the brilliant, chatty, quick-witted Gilmore Girls are back for a four-part miniseries called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, premiering on Netflix this weekend. And what better reason to express our gratitude this Thanksgiving than for the return of our favorite Stars Hollow ladies? Throughout the original series we learned the art of rocking a classic signature hairstyle from Lorelai, and grew up alongside Rory through her many hair transformations. From her original long straight style to her grown-up college bob to the eventual loose curls fit for a young and successful journalist, Rory’s hair saw it all.

While most of the plotline of the revival still remains to be seen, the photos released ahead of the premiere promise just as much hair inspiration as the original episodes delivered. Lorelai and Rory are back along with most of our favorite Stars Hollow characters and they’re still looking incredible eight years later. Keep reading for a breakdown of their latest styles and our secrets for achieving Gilmore Girls-worthy hair.

How to Style Your Hair Like the Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls hair tutorial
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It seems like good hair genes are in the family when it comes to the Gilmores. Even on a solemn day when beauty was likely the last thing on their minds, the Gilmore women are looking flawless as usual. Effortless and natural, while still managing to look glamorous, is the dream when it comes to hair, isn’t it? The key to achieving each of these perfect styles is using the right hair products and learning your way around a curling iron.

Starting with a deep side part is the first step in creating a soft ‘done’ look fit for the women of the Gilmore family. We would predict that Emily likely gets her hair washed and set once a week in a salon, but it’s hard to imagine that Lorelai and Rory are doing the same. Any leftover funds at the end of the month are likely going towards takeout Chinese food, don’t you think? For those of us looking to attain this level of volume and smoothness at home, we would suggest starting with a strong hold mousse that will help lift your roots without going overboard in the texture department. (We’re aiming for silky strands here!)

A generous palmful of mousse combed through your freshly washed damp hair is all you need for the level of volume photographed above. Follow up with a few sprays of conditioning mist combed throughout your hair and blow-dry for maximum smoothness or simply sleep on your damp strands.

Upon awakening with dry and silky hair (or after you finish blowdrying it), turn on your 1 1/2″ inch curling iron and get ready to create some natural curls. The key to mimicking the Gilmore girls’ styles is to curl the strands close to the front towards your face, then curl the rest of the hair away. This combination is the gateway to classic loose curls that work for every generation.

Tease the front of your hairline for maximum volume and comb your hair away from your face. Finish off with a light mist of hairspray to hold your style in place while still maintaining some natural movement.

And now back to the plot line of Gilmore Girls and on to one of the most important questions we have: Are you Team Jess, Team Logan or Team Dean?

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will be released on Netflix on November 25.

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