PICKTHORN salon interview

Chelsey Pickthorn and Her Namesake Salon are #HairGoals

Chelsey Pickthorn works some serious hair magic.

Whether you’ve just moved to New York, are in need of a serious hair update, or are simply looking for a new stylist, look none other than PICKTHORN Salon and the stylist behind it: Chelsey Pickthorn. Located in the heart of Bushwick and just a train ride away from Manhattan, this little gem is a salon-goers dream. From the design of the boutique studio to the music and easygoing chatter that fills the room, you’ll fall in love the moment you walk through the door.

Since it’s not often that you come across a genuine standout in a slew of trendy New York Salons, we knew we had hit gold when we came across Chelsey Pickthorn’s namesake salon. To better understand the magic of everything PICKTHORN, we sat down with Pickthorn for an All Things Hair exclusive.

PICKTHORN is a Salon Unlike Any Other

Chelsey Pickthorn image
Chelsey Pickthorn looking radiant as ever. Photo credit: Hailley Howard, PICKTHORN Salon

All Things Hair: Where are you from originally?

PICKTHORN: Portland, Oregon. Ever since moving to New York I’ve lived in Bushwick the whole time.

All Things Hair: Do you find that Bushwick is the ideal location for your salon?

PICKTHORN: Definitely! The majority of my clients would travel to come here. I opened up here so that it’d be a little bit different and push people’s boundaries. I’ve lived here for nine years and have watched it change. I’m continuously inspired by the different people and always found it to be a gorgeous place.

All Things Hair: I dig it! So, when did you first begin working with hair?

PICKTHORN: I started experimenting when I was 12. I would pretend to be a hairdresser coloring my own and my friends’ hair. After I graduated from high school I went straight to beauty school and then did internships for five years and moved to the Middle East to work in a salon.

All Things Hair: What was the Middle East like?

PICKTHORN: Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Middle East I may have never made it to New York. I don’t know if I would have been able to make it.

All Things Hair: Why not?

PICKTHORN: Well, when I was there I was paid a salary and had 8-10 clients a day on the hour. It’s totally different here [at PICKTHORN] how I work with hair. So, I think being there allowed me to now appreciate how I have to build a clientele and put in a lot of effort.

All Things Hair: What makes it so different?

PICKTHORN: Well, before getting really serious, it’s important to devise what you want your clientele to be like so that the salon is filled with the best possible vibe. In the Middle East I didn’t have to do that because we already had a list of clients.

All Things Hair: Oh, okay, that’s totally understandable. When it comes to PICKTHORN, what sets it apart?

PICKTHORN: My custom hair painting. When you get your hair painted, it’s not a wam, bam, thank you ma’am type of deal. It will take patience, but it will be completely worth it when the end product is revealed.

All Things Hair: We’ve seen your work so we’re well aware how worth it is! In regards to specific hair colors, how do you feel about red hair and the fact that it’s the season’s biggest trend?

PICKTHORN: I love it! My favorite thing is that there are so many different shades. You can call so many different things red and everybody translates it differently. Redheads are like unicorns, when you see one you’re like “oh, you’re so special!”

All Things Hair: We’re big fans of the trend, too! And love that you just referred to redheads as unicorns. What do you think our readers should know about getting red hair? Any special upkeep tips?

PICKTHORN: The cooler your shower water, the better to keep the cuticle closed so that color doesn’t fall out. You don’t have to take cold showers or anything like that, but when it comes to actually rinsing your hair out, just try to cool it down a bit. Also, when it comes to washing it, wash as infrequently as possible. You can rinse and condition all you want, scrub and stimulate your scalp to rid it of some of the oil even, just steer clear of shampoo as often as possible.

All Things Hair: Oh, why’s that?

PICKTHORN: Reds and platinums are required to use the least amount of shampoo as possible because they’re the two hues that fade the fastest.

All Things Hair: Now, that’s good to know! I’m so glad we had the chance to talk and to see your expertise in action.

PICKTHORN salon interview
We’re absolutely obsessed with the design elements of PICKTHORN Salon. Photo credit: Nicholas Doyle, PICKTHORN Salon

Loved learning about PICKTHORN, the person and the place? Be sure to make an appointment for a consultation to witness her magic firsthand.

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