8 Common Hair Myths Debunked

Serena Norr | 17 November 2016

All Things Hair investigates.

Hair myths are everywhere. You probably heard from your friend, or your friend of your friend, that a certain hair oil or cream will make your hair grow faster. Or that your water temperature determines the health of your hair or that you can prevent gray hair if you do that one thing.  While some of these myths have some validity, a lot of them are just myths passed down with no real scientific backing. To bust some of these hair myths, we chatted with Leon-van Gorkom, Unilever’s Research and Development Senior Manager of hair care to get some answers about some of our common hair concerns. Read on as we break down the hair facts from fiction.

Common Hair Myths Busted

hair myths busted
That gray was on it’s way whether you like it or not.

All Things Hair: Is it true that if you get regular trims your hair will grow faster?

Leon-van Gorkom: No, however, if you get regular trims to remove split/rough ends, your hair will look and feel healthy. Also, less likely to break, so it can grow longer (before your hair breaks).

All Things Hair: Should you always lather, rinse and repeat when you wash your hair?

Leon-van Gorkom: No, there is no need to do this anymore with today’s shampoo technology. Perhaps, if you have many products in your hair and/or haven’t washed your hair for a while, you may want to use shampoo twice.

All Things Hair: Should you always stick with the same shampoo and conditioner?

Leon-van Gorkom: You should always pair up your shampoo and conditioner, as they are usually designed to work together. You can switch it up, but there is no truth to the hair myths that it’s better to switch your hair products for better results.

All Things Hair: If you pull out a gray hair will more grow in its place?

Leon-van Gorkom: No, it just seems that way. When you see a gray hair, it means more are not far behind. It is inevitable that they will show up.

All Things Hair: Is cold water the best temperature for washing your hair?

Leon-van Gorkom: Not necessarily, but you should not wash your hair in extremely hot water either. Warm water will open the cuticles, helping your shampoo and conditioner to penetrate the follicles. A cool rinse helps to close them up quicker and keep all the benefits in.

hair myths hair brushing
Brushing your hair 100 times a day is not necessary! Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

All Things Hair: Do you need to brush your hair 100 times a day to get it really shiny?

Leon-van Gorkom: No, and in fact, brushing too much can actually cause breakage.

All Things Hair: Can healthy hair can only be achieved by what we eat?

Leon-van Gorkom: While a nutritious diet is beneficial for our whole body – hair included- you can get hair that looks and feels healthy by using the right hair care products.

All Things Hair: Do split ends keep your hair from growing?

Leon-van Gorkom: Your hair grows from the scalp, so even if you have split ends at the bottom, the hair will still be growing at the top. However, the split ends can break off, and the hair will be shorter than others. Regular trims can keep split ends at bay and keep hair growing at similar lengths.

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