Trending Topic: Everything You Need to Know About Hair Tinting

This season's latest color craze: hair tint.

Thanks to Instagram, we all know about classic hair dying techniques like highlights and balayage, but now there’s a new coloring trend that just about everyone seems to be getting on board with: hair tinting. This hair coloring style leaves a subtle “tint” of your favorite colors to your hair, and we’re crushing hard on this trend. It’s the latest It-Girl style, and it’s the latest obsession of all our favorite celebrities and starlets. If you want to learn more about hair tinting and how to make your hair tint last, then keep scrolling:

What is hair tint?

Hair tint and hair dye are actually two completely different things. While hair dye is meant to be more permanent, hair tint is considered semi-permanent. Hair tint differs from hair dye because the tinting process adds an extra layer of color to your strands. Basically, you’re just adding a layer of pigment on top of the color that’s already on your hair. This process should result in a subtle, transparent hue, and adds a colorful detail to your base hair color. Tinting your hair can also result in a more sheen-filled appearance.

Since this process is semi-permanent, it tends to fade faster than your average hair dye. It’s expected to last about four weeks but can fade earlier if not properly cared for. Take a look at these tips for ensuring that your hair tint lasts as long as possible before heading back to the salon chair.

Wash and Condition Properly

One of the easiest places for this kind of hair dye to fade in is in the shower. To keep your color vibrant and eye-catching, you need to use a shampoo and conditioner regimen that works for color-treated hair. One of our favorite shampoo and conditioner sets for color-treated hair is the Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo works to gently cleanse color-treated strands, while the conditioner helps moisturize for a healthier sheen.

Keep Hair Protected From Sun Damage

Sun rays can lead to fading, so make sure you wear a hat or cover your hair when stepping outside. If you’d rather show off your locks than hide them away, then you’re going to need a product to protect your strands from the sun. One of our top picks for this issue is Bed Head by TIGI Beach Bound Protection Spray. This spray helps guard your locks up to 230 degrees and helps combat frizz and tangles. The results are silky-smooth locks that are guarded against some of the harshest rays!

Use Hair Oil

A semi-permanent treatment can still do damage to your hair. This process can dry out already-brittle and damaged strands. That’s why it’s best to use hair oil to give your locks a boost of sheen. We recommend TRESemmé Smooth Dry Oil Spray to smooth hair and add texture for frizz-control and smoothing benefits, in a nifty formula.

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