fountain hairstyle blonde straight sleek

The Fountain Hairstyle Is All Grown-Up and It’s Actually Super Chic

Like the 90s--but better.

The 90s were an exciting time for hair accessories. Denim hats with oversized fake flowers, DIY barrettes, glitter galore for fancy occasions, and of course: the bobble ended hair ties. Those bad boys were the adorable addition to a fountain hairstyle and an absolute panic when they snapped back onto your head. The good news is, the fountain hairstyle has returned and this time it’s all grown up. And this is perhaps our favorite ’90s revival to date!

The Fountain Hairstyle Is All Grown-Up

fountain hairstyle blonde straight sleek
Add a fun flair to your hair. Photo credit:

The fountain hairstyle was ideal for keeping your hair out of your face while eating popsicles and the perfect base for a hair accessory that coordinated with your outfit. This half-up hairstyle required a comb, a hair tie and your accessory of choice and the grown-up version doesn’t require too much more! Just a bottle of hair gel and some minimal style skills.

Grab a small amount of Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel. Comb it through the front of your hair before gathering it up into a half ponytail. The goal is to create a fountain effect where the base of the ponytail is pulled tight and the rest of the hair flows down around it. The hair gel will help keep the style in place while you secure the ponytail and pull it tight.

Once you’ve secured your fountain hairstyle, you can wrap a small section of hair around the base of the ponytail to add a bit of polish. Use a 1-inch section of hair and carefully wrap it around the ponytail holder. You can use two bobby pins crossed and locked into an X shape to hold that section in place.

Pair your grown-up fountain hairstyle with a more structured on-trend outfit to remain strictly in adulthood territory!

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