Top 10 Back To School Hairstyles for Ethnic Hair Trending Now

We picked the freshest hairstyles to wear this September

Do you need a new hairstyle to return to school but need inspiration for a look that compliments and protects ethnic hair? Or perhaps, you simply want to hop on the latest trending hairstyles? Keep reading; you’ve come to the right place! Here we’ve rounded up ten hairstyles popping up on TikTok and Instagram. Read more to unlock easy, fun, and unique inspiration for your hair!

The Current Best Trending Styles For Ethnic Hair

Whether you want a refreshing back-to-school look or wish to resemble your favorite influencer or celebrity crush, here is our pick of ethnic styles to spice up your look! Read more to find what hairstyles are perfect for you.

1. Pink Yarn Braids

Ethnic Hairstyles Pink Yarn Braided Hair
Pink yarn braids are both a cute and protective hairstyle! Photo credit: Vomella Beauty on Pinterest

Need hair inspiration for your beautiful hair that embraces your ethnic roots? We brought you pink yarn braids. Try this style for an eye-catching yet delicate hairstyle that protects chemically treated natural hair. We recommend Emerge Style Goals Gel, to smooth out and style your edges; because of its stronghold, you can smooth your hair out to any pattern you like.

2. Bun with Braids

hair bun braids for ethnic hair
Hair bun with a twist! Photo credit: Hidden Fashion on Pinterest

Embrace the uniqueness of your Asian ethnic hair with this trendy updo that redefines a classic hair bun. Adding braids and face-framing strands make this classic bun edgy and stylish. Take advantage of accessories such as hair clips, glitter, and smooth edges to elevate it. To complete this look, one needs a strong hold gel and hairspray; we recommend Bed Head by TIGI Stick; it is affordable and will keep your bun in place. To keep the framing hair strands and braids sleek and smooth, we also recommend Dove Style + Care Extra Hold Hairspray; to tame frizz and keep hair smooth.

3. Slick Topknot

slicked topknot ethnic hair
A slick top bun with braids, beaded accessories, and iconic edges is perfect. Photo Credit: @thechicnatural.

Another way to switch up a sleek bun would be a topknot style that is perfect for ethnic hair and can be accomplished by using a styling gel. A product we love to keep this hair poppin’ for all-day wear is SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil + Flaxseed Strong Hold Styling Gel which will keep your topknot in place.

4. Spiky Pigtailed Bun with Dimensional Strands

slicked bun with pigtails and dimension ethnic hair
A slicked bun with pigtails and spikes is the new trend! Photo Credit: @natalia on Twitter

Who knew a bun, pigtails, and spikes could be a match made in heaven? Like the topknot and the bun with braids hairstyle, add pigtails and style spiky hair strands with the help of Suave Max Hold Sculpting Gel. This gel is perfect for designing the spikes that make this updo stand out from far away.

5. Multiple Braids with Accessories

braids with hair accessory for ethnic hair
A full head of braids and accessories is suitable for all types of ethnic hair. Photo credit: @suguru on Twitter

Embrace a fantasy look for your ethnic hair by incorporating multiple braids into your style. You’re as unique and beautiful as your hair, so add accessories to complete and elevate your look. Accessories are a great way to add personality to any hairstyle; in this case, they will give you a regal and ethereal air. We recommend TRESemmé TRES Two Ultra Fine Mist Hair Spray for hold and structure. This hairspray has a fine mist with a 24-hour hold that is perfect for coating your many braids and taming frizz.  

6. Two Puffy Buns with Curls

two buns curly hair for ethnic hair
Two puffy buns for natural hair and styled edges are a beautiful look to spice up your natural curls. Photo credit: Amanda on Pinterest.

Two puffy buns and styled edges are an excellent look for ethnic hair as it embraces the curls and allows you the freedom to add details and dimension to your updo. Before starting this style, wake up your curls and soften your hair with Sheamoisture’s Raw Shea Butter Deep Moisturizing Treatment Masque before styling.

7. Slick Hair and Bangs with Braids

long hair straight braids ethnic hair
Embrace your long hair with braids and feel like royalty! Photo credit: Mujer de 10 on Pinterest

A hairstyle currently trending among Asian and Latin influencers may be the new style to try. If you want to add a unique twist to your straight look- you might want to consider adding some braids. A product we love to achieve this style is Love Beauty and Planet Light Hold & Frizz Control Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Hair Spray, which is perfect for fine hair. If you have curly or natural hair, no problem, try TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel for a smooth and soft finish.

8. Bubble-Pigtails

bubble pony hairstyle ethnic hair
A creative hairstyle perfect for ethnic hair involves a couple of poufs! Photo credit: listernichole on DevianArt

These bubble pigtails is a hairstyle that may look difficult to accomplish but is quick, easy, and cute. All you need is multiple hair ties to accomplish this look. You’ll create these bubbles by adding a series of hair ties along the hair until the ends. Wash your hair with Suave Up The Volume Shampoo and Suave Up The Volume Conditioner to make your hair voluminous. This cool and playful hairstyle is effortless and easy for ethnic hair.

9. Curly Vamp Bun

Try this twist on a vamp updo with curly hair! Photo credit: Viva Glam on Pinterest

Make your curls the center of attention with a vamp-style updo. This curly, high bun is sexy, elegant, and suitable for day and nighttime. Great for all the casual and fancy events you’ll attend this Fall. We recommend Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray , which is excellent for texturizing and adding volume to your bun.

10. Heart Shape Knotless Braids

Show how much you LOVE your braids by adding a heart-shaped part. Photo credit: Christina? on Twitter.

Love your braids but want to try something different for a change? These knotless braids with a heart-shaped part are beautiful and inspiring to accomplish just that! The heart shape design is subtle and eye-catching. We recommend SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil + Flaxseed Black Edge Gel to smooth out the edges and define the look. The heart shapes are not as complicated as they seem. Give them a try!

All ethnicities and hair textures are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated. I hope you find that new inspiration and style to try here. Please check out more articles on our page for inspiration.

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