Casual Updo Hairstyles to Wear On a Low-Key Date Night

These date night styles are a slam dunk. 

We know that updos typically read as fancy hairstyles. But, we are here to tell you that not all updo hairstyle ideas need to be red carpet ready! Updos can be casual and do the important job of keeping your hair out of your face, which is particularly important for date night. You’ll look put together and you don’t need to worry about your hair all night. Plus, that good night kiss is much more romantic when you don’t need to unstick hair from your lipgloss first. Read on to see check out seven favorite casual updo hairstyles that are sure to inspire your date night look.

1. Bandana Bun

updo hairstyle hair top knot
Bonus: bandanas cover oily roots better than your average headband.

Amp up your topknot with a bold hair accessory like a bandana. A bandana adds texture and style to your bun. It’s a great in-between of your workout elastic headband, and a glitzy hair accessory. All you need to do is loop your hair into a topknot and tie on the bandana. Follow our hair tutorial to see how to tie the bandana headband.

2. Messy French Twist

updo hairstyles for short hair
Face framing tendrils keep this updo from looking up tight.

Usually a french twist hairstyle is the definition of fancy updo hairstyles for short hair. But you can also make it more casual by mussing it up. We suggest working with your natural texture on this one, and if you have curly hair accentuate it! Use Nexxus Between Washes Revived Curls Creme to softly define your curls. Then, leaving a few pieces out at the front, fashion your hair into a French braided twist. Just lightly pull on pieces to get the messy look.

3. Fishtail Braid Twist

updo hairstyles for short hair braided updo
Braids are always a good idea. Fishtail braids? Even better.

We love a good fishtail braid. They are unique and even easier to create than your standard three-strand braid. For this style, all you need to do is create two even fishtail braided pigtails. Then, just pin one over the other on the back of your head. Use lots of bobby pins and Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray to set your style in place.

4. Side Braid and Messy Bun

updo hairstyles for short hair braided bun
You can eek out big braids even on short hair. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

We’re sure you’ve figured out our formula by now, adding a braid and making it a bit messy is the best way to take an updo and make it casual. For one of our favorite casual updo hairstyles, create a three strand braid with a section from the front of your hair. To make it look bigger, gently tug on each curve of the braid to loosen it up. Then, set the rest of your updo hairstyle into a bun, pin the braid in place, and hide the ends of your hair under the bun.

5. Upside Down Braided Topknot

updo hairstyle hidden braids
Who needs one upside down braid when you can do two? Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

If you have bob length hair, most updo hairstyles can leave you with little sections of hair that are too short to fit in. The biggest culprit is usually the hair at the nape of your neck. Solve that little problem by adding in upside down braids! The more braids, the easier it will be to get all those pesky hairs that won’t fit into your style. Finish your braids at the crown of your head and top it off with a topknot.

6. Modern Space Buns

updo hairstyle space buns
These space buns are much more down to earth. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

If your date isn’t as fashion forward as you are, they may not understand the appeal of space buns. However, that’s no reason not to wear them! Just make the style a little lower and add braids for good measure. To get the super slicked down look, start this style with wet hair and apply some Bed Head by TIGI Beach Me Wave Defining Gel Mist. Be sure to check this hair tutorial for braided space buns.

7. Twisted Bun

updo hairstyle twisted bun
Adding twists keeps your bun from being boring. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

If you’ve only got five minutes to do your hair, this twisted bun is a great choice. Start the style by twisting a large section of hair near your front hairline on either side of your part. Then, create a low bun with the rest of your hair at the nape of your neck. To finish, tuck the ends of the twisted pieces behind the bun and pin your hair in place.

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