8 Cute Summer Hairstyles to Try

Serena Norr | 17 June 2016

Your summer hairstyles is here.

With the days of easy, breezy styling around around the corner, we have been eyeing some seriously cute summer hairstyles that have been inspiring us to switch up our look. With the focus on sweat-free styles, we’ve discovered some amazing looks that really stylish and modern, and bonus: they get your hair off your neck. Check out some of our favorites below that we hope will inspire your summer look.

Cute Summer Hairstyles

cute summer hairstyles low bun

1. Low Bun with Wispy Layers

You may have been there done  that with the typical hair bun. If you love the feeling of having your hair contained over the summer, why not try a low bun with some wispy layers on the side. You can also accentuate this look with some braids on the side for the ultimate look this summer.

cute summer hairstyles accessories

2. Accessorize Your Hair

We are all about accessories as a way to keep our hair in check. While headbands and clip have our heart, we also adore a thick scarf that you can wrap around your hair. Find a style that matches your personality, along with a cute summer hairstyle (updo anyone?) that will keep you looking fresh all summer long.

cute summer hairstyles short hair

3. Two-Toned Color

Another style we are going gaga for is two-toned hair. This looks particularly fly on short hair where you can focus on a really light color on top and a darker color (maybe your natural one?) on the bottom.

cute summer hairstyles high top

4. High Top

Go high and be proud this summer. This stunning look is one of our favorites on natural hair that requires an afro pick to create the length and some Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel to hold it all together.

cute summer hairstyles basic braid

5. Opt for a side braid

If you are in the long hair camp, you probably want something that keeps you cool, calm and sweat-free. Well, then braids should be definitely on your list of styles to try. For a simple, yet gorgeous look go for a side braid that you can perfect in five minutes or less.

cute summer hairstyles

6. Beachy Waves

Straight hair girls who want to mix up their look can opt for a subtle wave this summer. We love heatless waves that you can create with your fingers and some sea salt. Check out the Suave Professionals Infusion Texturizing Sea Salt Spray that can help you create some incredible texture and full-bodied (a.k.a awesome) summer waves.

cute summer hairstyles dreadlocks

7. Twisted Dreadlocks

If you want a look with a lot of style, why not try some dreads this year? We really dig the twisted dreadlock look that looks super feminine when paired with a slight color change.

cute summer hairstyles mullet
Own the mullet this summer. Photo credit: Dvora

8. Summer Mullet

The mullet is back and better than ever. Not only seen on men’s haircuts, we love how this short/medium-length haircut works on women. It is particularly incredible on those with straight and thin hair as they layers work to add some thickness, and of course style to your look. Rock it with pride, girl!

Which of these summer hairstyles are you going to try?

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