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This Is My Secret to Curls That Last for Days On End

Curls that last for days on end.

Once you get the hang of how to use a curling iron, it only takes a few minutes to curl your hair. I curl my hair on the regular because I prefer that slightly more polished finish it gives me. I generally use a 1 1/2 inch barrel to create loose curls throughout my hair and finish my styling up in under ten minutes! But it wasn’t until I found this hack for creating curls that last that my hair routine really started working for me. By using this technique, my style last a lot longer. Here’s the rundown of how this technique changed my curling game for the better:

Creating Curls That Last

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This style lasts through even the most humid days. Photo credit: Arianna Sharfman

I have not been shy about publicly obsessing over dry shampoo. Dove Refresh + Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo is the miracle-working product I have fallen in love with. I have a collection of backup bottles so large that I can’t get too specific for fear of my friends reading this will stage an intervention. Let’s just say, if Dove ever discontinues this particular product I will be very, very sad.

This dry shampoo is my-go for absorbing oil and grit on non-hair washing days and it has never once failed me. I’ll usually use it when my hair needs a pick-me-up or preventatively before I go to sleep but lately, I’ve been using it during my hair curling process.

By starting off with dry shampoo before doing any styling, I’m giving my curls their best shot for lasting longer. Using dry shampoo before I style absorbs any lingering oil or grit and it serves as a primer of sorts for the rest of the process. The Insta-worthy curls come out more defined, structured, and they last so much longer.

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