Transform Your Hair Routine With This Essential Dry Shampoo Hack

This hack is a gamechanger. 

Dry shampoo has quickly become a household staple in the hair department. It’s a quick and easy way to revive and refresh your hair when you want to avoid a full standard wash. A few spritzes in your roots absorb all the excess oil and grease and leaves your hair feeling refreshed. Sounds ideal, right? Stashing a bottle in your bathroom and carrying a travel-size version around with you means that you can have fresher hair anytime and anywhere. But there’s one game-changing dry shampoo hack that isn’t very well-known. Curious how your favorite product can get even better? Read on for this essential dry shampoo hack:

dry shampoo hack brunette messy bun
Stay ahead of schedule with this simple dry shampoo hack.

The secret to making the most of this cult favorite product is using dry shampoo before you head to sleep. On nights when you aren’t washing your hair, you can still spend a few minutes setting yourself up for a good hair day the next day. Grab your favorite dry shampoo (we’re partial to Dove Refresh + Care Volume and Fulness Dry Shampoo) and spray your roots from 8-10 inches away from your head.

Make sure to target the top of your head as well as the hair around your hairline all the way down to the nape of your neck. That section of hair tends to get knotty and greasy and can usually use some extra TLC. Spritz your roots and then use your fingers to lightly massage the product in. After that, gather your hair up on top of your head and twist it into a messy bun.

By giving your dry shampoo all that time to absorb excess oil and work its magic, you ensure that you wake up with refreshed and revitalized strands. In the morning, take your hair down and comb the product through. We guarantee you’ll be feeling like you just got a fresh blowout.

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