The Essential Products You Need to Care for Your New Baby Blonde Hair

The nonnegotiable list of products you need to care for your baby blonde hair.

Any stylist who has been in the industry for longer than five minutes knows, blonde hair color requests are a daily occurrence. And for good reason! Natural blondes are few and far between but a lot of us spend money and energy chasing down that perfect blonde glow. A flattering blonde hue is head-turning and eye-catching and absolutely worth every second at the salon. The latest blonde hair color craze comes straight from the red carpet and award show stages: baby blonde hair. This soon-to-be signature shade of baby blonde hair is light, almost matte and semi-challenging to achieve. And it requires a fair amount of upkeep.

If you’re jumping on the baby blonde bandwagon, you’ll want to stock up on these essential products first:

baby blonde hair long loose waves
The lightest, prettiest hue of blonde hair color.

All blonde hair veterans know that the lighter you bleach your hair, the more damage you inflict on your strands. It’s time to repair your hair. Head to the drugstore and grab Nexxus Emergencée Rebalancing Shampoo and Nexxus Emergencée Restoring Conditioner to start the reparative process as soon as possible.

An expert stylist won’t push your strands further than is healthy. They’ll make sure that the integrity of your hair stays intact. That being said, no matter how cautious your stylist is with the bleach, some damage will inevitably be done. By choosing to replace your usual wash and care system with a reparative option you’ll be ensuring that your hair stays as healthy as possible. It’s easy and so effective!

Any shade of blonde hair is susceptible to taking on brassy tones when not cared for properly. That’s the last thing you want. Combat this with a toner. Grab a bottle of Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Toning Protection Spray and make this toning spray a part of your regular routine. Formulated with repair actives and cool conditioners, it will protect your strands from heat damage and use violet toners to fight brassiness and restore brightest to your hair.