Balayage Short Hair: 20 Looks We’re Simply Obsessed With

The possibilities are endless.

Getting a little tired of your short haircut? We have an easy fix! There are plenty of balayage short hair ideas that can make your look feel brand new again. Adding balayage to your short crop, whether it be a pixie or a grown-out bob, can help add dimension and character to your style.

Need help finding ideas? We’ve got that covered. Scroll through our gallery to enter a world of balayage short hair ideas:

1. Short Afro Balayage

balayage short hair:
Big, fluffy brown curls.

Mix brown highlights with a dark brown base to lighten up your curls. When styling use a gel serum like Suave Professionals Define & Shine Serum Gel For Natural Hair to add definition and shine to your curls.

2. Blonde Crop

balayage short hair: blonde
Natural-looking blonde balayage.

This short hairstyle is blended with blonde highlights and hints of warm brown highlights to create dimension.

3. Blonde Lob

balayage short hair lob
Wavy and voluminous.

Update your wavy lob with a few ribbons of blonde highlights.

4. Platinum Blonde Natural Curls

balayage short hair: natural curl
Add a pop of color to your curls.

Want to try a hair color that makes your natural curls stand out? Try blonde balayage to awaken the natural definition of your hair.

5. Platinum Blonde Balayage

balayage short hair: blonde
Update your short hair with a platinum hue.

Experiment with shades of blonde highlights to create an even more natural effect.

6. Balayage Short Hair Messy Bob

Balayage Short Hair: Bob
Add a bright color to enlighten your bob cut.

Make your textured bob stand out with face-framing strips of blonde and balayage. When styling, use a bit of a salt spray, like Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Salt Spritz Texture Spray to create the textured effect.

7. Balayage Short Hair Pixie

balayage short hair: pixie
A touch of color.

Add a few layers of copper lights to a short dark brown pixie cut.

8. Balayage on Classic Bob

Balayage short hair classic bob
Update the classic bob with a few natural-looking highlights.

Blonde and brown tones are great for a natural look. Care for your color with a leave-in treatment like The Good Stuff Color Protect Milk.

9. Short Hair Curls

balayage short hair: natural curls
Light brown tips to add dimension.

Create a fun look and add dimension to your ringlets with brown balayage highlights.

10. Short Light Brown Curls

balayage short hair: curly
Make your curls pop with a light brown hue.

Want something a little more laid-back? Keep it simple with a touch of blonde highlights at the ends of your curls.

11. Balayage Short Hair Dark Roots

balayage short hair: dark roots
Blonde balayage against dark roots.

The balayage method creates a natural effect against black roots. To maintain body throughout your look, set hair with a hairspray like Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray.

12. Light Brown Lob

balayage short hair: light brown hair
Love this butterly hue against brown hair.

Looking for a simple update for your lob haircut? Go for buttery blonde tones to lighten up your look just a bit.

13. Ash Brown Balayage on Short Hair

a formal look of wavy short hair woman on blue background
Brighten up a dark hair color with the balayage technique.

A few hints of ash brown tones mixed in dark brown hair stands is a subtle way to give your hair a stylish update.

14. Pink Balayage Short Hair

balayage short hair: pink hair
A pop of pink stands out. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Try the balayage technique to with a fun cotton candy pink hue.

15. Edgy Pixie

balayage short hair: edgy pixie
A peek of color to add an interesting detail to your look.

A hint of copper and blonde tones in between your fringe adds a fun element to your look.

16. Short Pixie

balayage short hair pixie
Mix warm browns together for a natural look.

A few reddish tints warm up the look of a dark chocolate base.

17. Red Balayage

balayage short hair: red highlights
Shades of red.

These reddish-orange highlights create the illusion of auburn on dark brown hair.

18. Balayage on Relaxed Hair

balayage short hair relaxed
Update your straight hair with a pop of blonde tones.

Want to refresh the look of your straight hairstyle? You can try the balayage effect at the front of your hair. We love a fringe with detail.

19. Straight Hair Balayage

balayage short hair: straight
A touch of blonde at the ends.

Add a subtle hint of color at the ends of your hair to revamp your look.

20. Shoulder Length Balayage

balayage short hair waves
Wavy brown hair.

Jazz up your shoulder length hair a little with a hint of blonde balayage.

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