Tutorial: How to Create the Perfect Slicked Back Bun Look

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model showing final slicked back bun

Whether you’re looking for an on-the-go hairstyle or an elegant do’ for a night out, a slicked back bun is one of those options that will never disappoint. Minimalist, classy, and always a winner – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to achieve this neck-grazing style at home. 

Regardless of your hair texture, the practical yet sophisticated slick low bun can be recreated just by following a simple technique and a couple of key products to moisturize your curls and hold them in place. 

What do we love about it? Your face will be the focal point here, so don’t be afraid to wear trendy pieces as accessories or playing along with your makeup to set the mood. One thing is for sure: the sleek low bun is the perfect canvas to make a statement of your own! Read on to learn how to do it in simple steps.


Define your curls and smooth.

Start with detangled hair free of any knots. A tangle-free mane is key for a slicked back bun style! Then, apply a styling product like SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. This multibenefit curl cream is the real MVP, adding hydration and protection to your curls while also helping to reduce breakage and frizz. What’s more, it’s a go-to product for enhancing the shine and smoothness of your hair.  Is there anything this cream can’t do?

model applying product to hair

Part your hair and apply gel to the roots.

For a slick low bun, you can either create a clean middle part or simply brush your hair all the way to the back to mimic a chic ballerina do’ – the choice is yours! Using a brush, smooth out your roots while combing your hair downwards. Now go ahead and apply a hair gel like SheaMoisture Defining Styling Gel, starting from the roots. Take your time and make sure you’re applying to your hair evenly! A defining gel will prevent frizz while adding shine to the overall look.


model applying second product to hair

Start brushing back.

Once you’ve defined your part, start brushing your hair back towards the back of your head. If you have very fine baby hair at the front, you can apply an edge gel like SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Edge Gel to tame unwanted flyaways.


model smoothing hair at roots

Tie back your hair.

Place your hair right below the center part of your head (not too high nor not too low right at your neck, for example) and keep brushing to smooth out any bumps. Once it’s set in the perfect position, grab your hair firmly and tie it back using a hair elastic.

model tying hair back


Depending on the length of your hair, you’d want to twist the ends of your ponytail and then bend it over into a neat bun. Whatever you do, make sure you are grabbing your hair tightly before twisting it around the base.

model twisting hair tightly

Secure your hair into place.

The perfect slicked back bun is almost done! Now, tuck your twist away either by wrapping it over the elastic and hiding the ends or securing it with a couple of bobby pins.

model securing hair in bun

Finish and smooth.

This look needs to be smooth, as in zero frizz messing around with your do’! So, for a sultry low bun, focus on taming any flyaways around your hairline, including at the cape of your neck. Using a small hair brush or an old toothbrush saturated with gel, comb back the edges for the sleekest, neatest finish. Easy, don’t you think?

model finishing look and smoothing hair

You're all set!

Your slick back bun is ready to steal the spotlight! It’s no surprise that this simple-yet-effective style is a favorite amongst off-duty models – its minimalist glamour speaks for itself! Take this look from day to night with the right accessories, such as adding a satin scrunchie to your bun for a chic-girl vibe. Not only will it protect your hair from damage and keep creases at bay, but it will also add a pop of color to your outfit – a win-win! For nights out, try adding chunky hair clips, bedazzled pins or hair cuffs just behind your ears for some extra sparkle. From headbands to bows, there’s endless ways to elevate this sleek look!

model showing final slicked back bun

A slicked back bun will be your best friend when it comes to fighting the early morning madness or if you’re looking for the perfect night time hairdo. Chic, long-lasting, and incredible simple to recreate in minutes… What else can you ask for? Sweet, neat hairstyles are made of this!

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