Pixie cut on natural hair

Natural Hair Pixie Cut: 6 of the Chicest Ways to Wear It

Start fresh with a pixie cut on natural hair.

It’s time to spice up your natural hair styling – what’s a better way to do it with a fresh cut? If you are a naturalista who is due for a cut, then try a natural hair pixie cut. This is a gorgeous style to try this season. It is a timeless look, that is a perfect way to frame your face and present a new fresh look. 

How to Style Your Natural Hair Pixie Cut

Are you wondering how a pixie cut on natural hair will fit your style preference?  Check out our guide below for the perfect style for your pixie cut! 

1. Parted Razor Pixie on Natural Hair 

Parted Razor Pixie on Afro Hair
Create a semi-permanent part in your razor-pixie with a razor

If you want a classic and sleek approach to your razor pixie then you should try the parted cut! You can achieve this look by parting your hair with a tail comb before your cut or by asking your stylist to razor in a parting. Parting your hair during your haircut is a great way to maintain the style without having to restyle on a daily basis! 

2. Slightly Shaved Sides 

Slightly Shaved Sides on Natural Hair
A pixie cut on natural hair with shaved sides is a great way to shape your face. Photo by Shingi Rice

Ladies, fades are not only for the lads! Give your pixie cut on natural hair a clear clean look with shaved sides, if you don’t want an intense-looking fade, a great way to wear this style is with slightly shaved sides that accentuate your curls at the top portion of your mane. You can even use Suave Luscious Curls Curl Defining Cream to add extra definition to your curls. 

3. Boxed Pixie Cut on Natural Hair 

90's Triangle Afro
Play on the 90’s trend with a Triangle afro shape. Photo by Olamide Gabriel

As hair trends from the ’90s are in trend right now, try out this cut from the ’90s! This boxed pixie cut on natural hair is the perfect way to frame and highlight 4a to 4c curl patterns! 

4. Shaped Pixie Cut on Natural Hair 

Shaped afro on Natural hair
Shape your pixie cut on natural hair to cater to your frame. Photo by John Haldezos

If you love the boxed cut look however don’t think it will be fitting for your frame, then take some inspiration from this look. Rather than cutting your hair into a box shape, as you cut your hair you can shape your afro in a unique way that suits your face. If possible, avoid the traditional round shape for your afro in effort to try something new, bold, and exciting. 

5. Subtle Finger Waves 

Subtle Finger Waves
For a chic girly look, try finger waves. Photo by Johnathan Kaufman

Want a more glamorous and dressed-up look for your pixie cut on natural hair? Subtle finger waves are not only perfect for short, natural hair, but are also a great way to create a chic look! Use TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Gel to help hold your finger waves in place. If you don’t want to use gel to create this look, you can also initially cut your pixie cut into vertical layers. 

6. Baby Pixie Cut 

Pixie cut on natural hair
Start fresh with a baby pixie cut on natural hair. Photo by Ziphaus

For looser curl textures, this baby pixie cut is a great way to give your natural hair a fresh start! To take care of and nourish your curls while giving them a fresh start, try using Suave Professionals Tea Tree & Hemp Seed Oil Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner 

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