The Official Guide to Antifungal Shampoo

Miriam Herst | 08 November 2017
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How to determine if you need an antifungal shampoo or not.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to catch a fungal infection of the scalp. The symptoms are pretty unpleasant. Today, we’re covering the common symptoms associated with a fungal infection and how an antifungal shampoo can help. Are you worried that you might be battling an infection in your scalp? Read on to ease your worries or find out if an anti-fungal shampoo is right for you.

Antifungal Shampoo: What You Need to Know

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See your doctor if you’re concerned that you might have a fungal infection.

What is a Fungal Infection in the Scalp?

What’s most commonly known as ringworm of the scalp (or tinea capitis) is a fungal infection of the scalp. It also affects the hair shafts and can result in some not-so-pleasing results. The symptoms do vary but generally those suffering from a fungal infection will find their scalp feeling itchy and may notice some bald patches forming, as well. Ringworm of the scalp is highly contagious so it’s best to sort the infection out with the help of your doctor before coming in close contact with anyone.

What’s the Difference Between Dandruff and a Fungal Infection?

While the itchiness and flakiness associated with dandruff can be pretty uncomfortable, fungal infections of the scalp are another level altogether. While you will find yourself with an itchy scalp in both situations, a fungal infection will also result in bald patches in your hair. Keep in mind that dandruff can also lead to hair loss if the flakes are coming off with patches of hair. The best way to diagnose your situation is to consult your physician. If dandruff is indeed your issue, your doctor may suggest using an over-the-counter hair care system like Dove Dermacare Scalp Invigorating Mint Anti-Dandruff 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner.


How Do You Get Rid of the Infection?

An antibacterial shampoo, or an antifungal shampoo, can help you get rid of the infection depending on what it is. The importance of keeping the infected area clean cannot be stressed enough. The infection can spread if not properly taken care of. If you are concerned that you might have caught a fungal infection then we recommend seeing your doctor to confirm and seek treatment.

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