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The Multi-Tasking Spray Conditioner for Blonde Hair You Need

Say goodbye to brassiness while giving your bleached hair some much-needed TLC. 

This one goes out to all of our blonde ladies who weren’t blessed with naturally light locks! You’re no stranger to an afternoon spent in your stylist’s chair bleaching your hair to golden perfection. This also means you’re all too familiar with the damage this does to your strands. Bleached hair has been stripped of color and each strand is considerably weaker, more prone to breakage and as if all that wasn’t enough, your dream Pinterest-worthy color likely fades to a brassy hue soon enough. Today, we’re introducing you to a multi-tasking spray conditioner for blonde hair that we predict you won’t be able to live without. The convenience of a spray conditioner alone will sell you on this product, as it did us here at ATH HQ. Read on:

Spray Conditioner for Blonde Hair

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This product is going to be a game changer.

Imagine a conditioner that’s easy to apply on the go, softens and strengthens your strands and battles brassiness all at the same time. Sounds like a dream, right? This spray in conditioner we’re about to introduce you to really is what hair dreams are made of.

Nexxus Weightless Style Prep & Protect Leave-In Spray is known to be the miracle of all hair miracles. This small bottle is easy to grab on the go and stash in your bag (we’re talking school bag, beach bag or suitcase). It’s a specially-formulated cocktail of reparative ingredients that does wonders for your strands. Not only does it repair some of the damage bleach has done on your hair, it will also protect your hair from any heat styling you do. The formula also includes violet toners that fight brassiness and restore brightness to blonde hair.

This product is easy to use and does most of the work on its own. Simply spray it into damp hair and focus mostly on the ends of your strands. Let your hair air-dry or use your hot tools, and rest assured that your strands will be protected from any heat damage.

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