How do Curl Defining Products Work?

Serena Norr | 22 April 2016
curl defining products curly hair

Let those curls shine.

Those with curly hair tend to have an internal struggle of wanting to maintain their locks to wanting to straighten them. The struggle is real where this battle is often fought with heat and an arsenal of products. One thing that can help define your gorgeous curls is a bunch of curl-defining products that can both work to tame frizz and enhance the natural curl pattern in your hair, altogether producing amazing results. Read on to learn more about curl defining products and how they can work for you.

Curl Defining Products for Curly Hair

Curl defining products naturally curly hair
Love (and enhance!) your curls with a few core products.

Not all curls are created or look the same. Some curls are oval in shape, while others are rounded coils. Knowing what type of curls you have can help determine the best hair care routine and products that can benefit you.

1. Wavy Hair

These are looser curls and are generally a cross between straight and curly bends. Some people who have waves may even have straight hair at the crown and curls at the bottom. These curls are usually prone to frizz and don’t have enough bounce. They are also the easiest curl type to blowout straight.

2. Rounded Curls

These are tighter, all-over curls that start at the top of your crown and go down to the bottom of your hair. These curls are usually springy or smooth, and have a texture anywhere from dense to fine.

3. Coily Curls

These are generally tight curls reminiscent of an S or Z pattern throughout the hair. These curls can be spiraly, wiry or coarse.

How Curl Defining Products Can Help

Curl defining products are designed to sculpt, tighten, smooth, and define curls. They work by taming frizz without foregoing any of your natural texture and body. In general, they won’t make your hair crispy or unmanageable, but rather work with your locks to enhance your look and make your hair easier to style.

1. Wavy Hair

Those with wavy hair should use curl defining products that can soothe frizz and that are lightweight enough for everyday use. You will also need a product that can define your waves and impart some shine. Try Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse whose formula works to nourish curls adding bounce and definition to your hair.


2. Rounded Curls

Weather is usually an issue for those who have all-over curls. Treat your tresses in the morning with a curl defining product that can control your ringlets and help them resist to humidity. Try TRESemmé Curl Locking Styling Spray whose formula can help you lock in your curls as it maintains its hold.


3. Coily Curls

Those with coiled or coarse curls will need a product that adds hydration and moisture to their tresses. Look for lightweight products that don’t weigh down your curls or flatten their shape. Also, look for products that can stand up to humidity as well as those that can revive any dryness or dullness in your locks. Try Bed Head by TIGI On The Rebound Curl Recall Cream whose formula can help make your curls soft and really defined.


Contrary to what you may think during a bad hair day, you’re actually really lucky to have amazing curls! Curl defining products can help you enhance what you have and create a unique look that bounces all day long and stands out from the crowd.

What curl defining products are you looking to try out?

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