5 Signs Your Hair is Crying Out to be Washed

Give your hair the cleanse it deserves.

Raise your hand if your hair has been personally affected by self-quarantining and social distancing. No shame here, as our hands are raised high! This time away from social activities and going into the workplace has definitely given us an excuse to lessen the frequency of our wash days. Although it may be nice to sneak in a few extra days in between breaking out the shampoo and conditioner, your hair still needs a good wash. No more ignoring the signs: It’s time to wash your hair! If you’re experiencing any of these “symptoms,” please consider giving your hair the cleanse it needs and deserves:

time to wash your hair natural hair
Don’t wait too long to wash your hair!

1. You’re Experiencing Product Build-Up

Product buildup is a reality and it will come for you if you’re not washing your hair enough. Don’t let all the sprays, serums, and stylers start to build up in your hair. This will help weigh down your hair, causing dullness and even some clumping and shedding. Too much product buildup will look and feel unsettling.

2. Your Hair Feels Oily

This one is an obvious one, but necessary to mention. The longer you wait to wash your hair, the oilier it will get. Not to mention that as the temperature rises you will be dealing with not only oil but also sweat.

3. Your Hair is a Tangled Mess

Due to the buildup of product, oil, sweat and all that jazz, your hair will begin to knot and tangle more easily. Not fun! Once the struggle to brush through your hair becomes too real, you’ll know it’s time to wash your hair.

4. Your Hair Texture is “Off”

Don’t pretend you don’t know what this means. If your familiar texture and hair type is starting to get stringier or straighter, it’s due to oils and not having a product help maintain and highlight your hair type.

5. Your Hair Doesn’t Smell like Your Wash Duo Anymore

If your hair doesn’t smell fragrant or have traces of your shampoo/conditioner duo, it may be time to wash your hair. If your hair smells straight-up unpleasant, then it’s definitely time to wash your hair. We hate to be the ones to say this, but if you can smell the dirty, everyone else can, too.

time to wash your hair loose waves
Find the right cleansing duo for your hair needs.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the signs that it’s time to wash your hair, allow us to introduce you to some of our favorite shampoo and conditioner duos!

For Curly Hair Types

If you’ve got the curls, then you need to try out SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo works to absorb excess oil and impurities from the scalp while nourishing and maintaining your curl pattern.

For Dry Hair Types

If you’ve got naturally dry hair then you need a duo that will gently cleanse while maintaining moisture. Dove Nutritive Solutions Clarify & Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner works to clean your strands without stripping them of natural oils. The formula is light so it won’t weigh down your hair, but you’ll leave the shower feeling so fresh and so clean.

For Oily Hair Types

Dealing with naturally oily hair? We’ve got the duo for you. Try out Love Beauty and Planet Delightful Detox Charcoal & Bergamot Shampoo and Conditioner. This formula is made to remove excess dirt and oil from your tresses, leaving your scalp and strands super clean. This duo is sure to remove any unwanted buildup.

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