Does Using Dry Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

What you need to know about dry shampoo and hair fall. 

There has been lots of chatter on the Internet about the link between dry shampoo and hair loss with many women reporting that it has been contributing to hair fall. As dry shampoo advocates, the news has been shocking so we decided to take it upon ourselves to dig a little deeper to get the lowdown on if the use of this no-poo product — that’s literally saved our lives and time — really does lead to hair loss. So, does dry shampoo cause hair loss? We’ve enlisted the help of Senior Manager for Hair at Unilever Research & Development to help shed some light on this mystery.

Myth Debunked: Does Using Dry Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

young blonde woman doing herself applying dry shampoo to hair. View from the mirror. dry shampoo cause hair loss myth
Does dry shampoo cause hair loss? Short answer: no. When applying dry shampoo aim to do it on second day hair. If it’s time for a hair wash opt for a shampoo instead.

All Things Hair: What is the correct way to use dry shampoo?

Leon Van Gorkom: It needs to be sprayed on hair targeting the oily roots and all over hair (recommended 8-10 inches away from hair, shake can before use).Work through with finger and/or brush or it can be blown out with hair dryer.

All Things Hair: Is there a such thing as using too much dry shampoo? When should one actually wash their hair with a traditional shampoo?

Leon Van Gorkom: Too much dry shampoo may result in visible residue. Dry shampoo does not clean as a real shampoo in the shower so if you use it too often, eventually hair may not look clean. It is recommended for second day hair – not as a replacement of shampoo.

All Things Hair: If someone who uses dry shampoo is experiencing hair loss, what could be the actual cause of hair fall?

Leon Van Gorkom: This is not expected, but sometimes consumers may have an allergic reaction to the fragrance. If this is very extreme then this could lead to irritation of the scalp and severe cases result in hair loss.

All Things Hair: Are there any common allergic reactions caused by dry shampoo?

Leon Van Gorkom: If any, it could be from the fragrance.


We’re relieved to know that our burning “does dry shampoo cause hair loss?” question has been answered. Remember, dry shampoo is great for refreshing your hair, but it actually doesn’t completely take the place of your shampoo. When it’s time for a wash, skip the dry shampoo and get to rinsing and lathering! For more dry shampoo tips, check out how to use it for virtually any situation