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Hair Regrowth: Is It Possible and How?

We investigate what it takes to really regrow your hair. 

We can all probably all attest to the fact that hair regrowth is a query that can be found deep inside our search history. Whether you were in search of hair regrowth tips to regrow your bangs, to find a way to get longer hair faster, or learning how cope with hair loss from stress or post pregnancy, you’ve spent hours (or maybe even days) trying to find the answers. Are supplements a gimmick? Does your diet play a part? To help with your search, we’ve enlisted Unilever‘s, Leon Van Gorkham to give us some insight on the truth behind hair regrowth. Read on to learn if (and how) you can regrow your hair once and for all:

The Truth Behind Hair Regrowth

All Things Hair: Do supplements aid in hair regrowth?

Leon Van Gorkham: Hair supplements may work if you are severely deficient in specific nutrients, which is not a common problem in the United States. They have not been proven to work if you are not deficient and the claims have been restricted to ‘maintaining healthy hair growth’. These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. In the United States, there are two drugs that have been approved for to combat hair loss and promote hair growth: Rogaine and Finasteride (Propecia – MEN ONLY).

All Things Hair: Can your diet aid in hair regrowth?

Leon Van Gorkham: Unlikely, but a good diet will certainly help keeping your scalp and hair in good condition. More importantly, this is good for general health.

All Things Hair: Is there really any way to speed up the hair growth process?

Leon Van Gorkham: No, taking care of your growing hair with great products and care will result in less breakage so it may be able to grow longer (before it breaks).

hair regrowth styling tips
Hair regrowth: Be cautious with your daily styling routine.

All Things Hair: What are some healthy hair habits one can carry out during their hair regrowth journey?

Leon Van Gorkham: Severe stress can result in hair loss, so be relaxed. Use good hair products that care for your hair so it’s resilient and less likely to break. Using good products also ensure that your hair looks and feels healthy.

Be careful with your daily styling routines. Wet hair is fragile and needs extra care during that time. When wearing ponytails and other updo hairstyles, make sure to use the right ponytail holder. Also, don’t pull your hair too tight – this may lead to traction alopecia. When using heat styling, follow the manufacturer’s instructions of the flat/heat irons. Use heat protection products to protect your hair from the damaging effects of heat. Lastly, if you’re going to use chemical treatments, make sure you follow the instructions.

All Things Hair: What’s your best advice for women who want to regrow their hair?

Leon Van Gorkham: Currently, the only product to help with growing hair when suffering from androgenic alopecia is Rogaine. But, this doesn’t work for everyone.

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