Top 5 Summer-Friendly Treatments for Dry Hair

Eunice Lucero | 15 August 2016
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The fight is alive against bad hair days.

Summer has always been the most extreme of Catch 22s. Don’t get us wrong—it’s for sure the most fun season out of the year—but the laundry list of beauty issues that come with scorching hot weather can be kind of a pain. Over-the-top frizz, dry hair and damaged tresses are as much signs of summer as barbecues and bikinis.

But we soldier on! (/shakesfist) Thankfully, innovations in hair care have presented us with the gift that keeps on giving: moisturizing treatments. These emollient masks and deep conditioners, when used as an integral part of a wash and care regimen, improve the state of our tresses by helping restore hair back to a healthier-looking state (and us back to our former hair-flipping glories). Below, we list our favorite hair masks and conditioners for the most annoying summer concerns. No hot-heads allowed!

Top 5 Summer Hair Problems and Dry Hair Treatments

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Keep those locks looking full and healthy—and resist breakage—with a restorative treatment mask.

Summer Issue #1: Breakage.

Hair that’s been overexposed to chemicals (bleach, chlorine) and heat (whether straight from the source, or from styling tools) can be particularly brittle and prone to breakage. Dry hair that has this level of damage needs a restorative treatment—usually protein-based—that delivers a potent shot of moisture, ASAP. Nexxus New York Salon Care Emergencee Reconstructive Treatment has a keratin formulation that dramatically improves damaged hair in just one use. Tip: Its thicker consistency, once rinsed off and followed with conditioner, helps provide a renewed slip to your locks. Prepare to be surprised.

Summer Issue #2: Unruliness.

Can you say hot mess? Sun exposure, pool chemicals, salt water, scalp grease and humidity can act as a perfect storm for hair that just refuses to do anything except look like a giant bird’s nest. Calm down dry hair that’s also ventured into unmanageable territories with a botanical-infused mask that’s effective, yet gentle enough to be used every two to three days. Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask gets your hair touchably soft after one rinse, making it a nice indulgence every time we’ve put our strands through their paces.

Summer Issue #3: Frizz.

Dry hair lacks moisture, which then begets frizz. Add a particularly humid day to the mix and things can get nuclear on the flyaway front. The solution is to ensure strands are optimally conditioned throughout the day, so they don’t find the need to soak up more moisture in the air—which is what swells them up, creating that pouf. Dove Quench Absolute Intense Restoration Mask delivers serious nourishment that results in smooth, shiny locks and, in the case of curl-friends, ringlets that bounce with health.

Summer Issue #4: Split Ends.

The proof is in the pudding… or in this case, rough, fraying ends. Once the hair’s cuticle has been severely damaged—usually brought about by chemical processes such as relaxing and bleaching—it breaks and splays open, resulting in split ends. And since longer hair is believed to be older (and weaker, having endured more damage), it’s more susceptible. In more severe cases, sometimes, alas, a lob haircut is the answer; otherwise, prevent your ends from fraying—and preserve those beloved lengths—with an intensely restorative treatment that’s still lightweight enough to use daily. Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Mask saves your strands in two remarkable ways: first, by protecting and nourishing roots (without the weigh-down, hooray!), and two, by intensively repairing existing damage.

Summer Issue #5: Allover Dryness.

Even those with normal hair types can experience acute bouts of dryness in the summer, especially when coupled with daily use of hot tools. Although not as alarming a case, an allover roughness can still prove frustrating, especially when you experience some breakage after unfurling that top knot or find that you’re frizzing out more than you usually do. A deep conditioning mask that you can enjoy weekly can breathe new life into tired locks. Redefine Sunday Funday with five minutes of steeping the intensely nourishing Nexxus New York Salon Care Humectress Restoring Masque into hair, while catching up on your glossies.

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