Best Budget-Friendly Hair Masks for Dry & Damaged Winter Hair

Alyssa François | 23 November 2016

Treat your hair without breaking the bank.

When it comes to treating dry and damaged winter hair, a good hair mask is essentially the plug. While on the quest for finding good hair masks to put all of our sad winter hair issues to bed, some of us take the more is more approach in terms of spending. You know, that whole quality over quantity sha-bang, having you assume spending a hefty price on a product will leave you with luxurious hair. We’re here to tell you quality isn’t always expensive, less is certainly more, and shelling out your entire Christmas savings on hair masks actually isn’t all that necessary. You can totally head to your local drugstore or one of your favorite cosmetic chains to get your hands on top shelf hair mask options in the game. Ahead we’ve rounded up three of our favorite hair masks for dry and damaged winter hair.

3 Budget-Friendly Hair Masks for Dry & Damaged Hair

hair masks on hair
Treat your hair to a budget-friendly hair mask this winter.

When shopping for hair masks, look for products with formulas that will deliver intense moisture to dry hair. Better yet, let us introduce you to this budget friendly hair mask: Nexxus Humectress Moisture Masque for Dry Hair. When the colder seasons hit, we all tend to get hit pretty hard with moistureless hair. This hair mask is ideal for moisturizing super dry and parched hair. After washing your hair (even better when used with the complete Therappe & Humectress system), smooth the masque onto damp hair and comb through to give your strands an even coat of the treatment. After rinsing you’ll probably notice your hair “feels like butta’ baby” or better.

Next up on our list is a mask we can’t help getting a whiff of because the coconut aroma is just that good. (Seriously, if you can’t make it to a tropical island during the winter season, just take a sniff of this.) Infused with coconut milk, the Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask quenches dry, thirsty hair with moisture in just a single use. Yes, you read that right! Introduce your dry winter hair to this product and it’ll thank you forever.

Last, but certainly not least, is a mask with a formula that will strengthen weakened hair and repair the first signs of damage within the hair fiber. (Talk about a budget-friendly hair mask that can do both!) Use Bed Head by TIGI Reenergize Treatment Mask to treat your hair the instant you see any telltale signs of damage such as frizzy ends, breakage and a rough hair texture, which many of us are quite familiar with come winter. After washing your hair, squeeze a quarter-size amount of the hair mask into your hands, rub together to emulsify then apply along the lengths of your hair. After about five minutes rinse it on out and style your hair as usual.

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