Red Hair With Highlights: 12 Confident New Looks to Try

Because life's too short to never try going red at least once.

We’re big believers that it’s always a good time for us to debut a radical new hue. We love stunning red hair with highlights and glosses to truly set us apart. And to set the tone for brand new energy and vibes. Change is good, right?

Scroll down for a gamut of our favorite red hair with highlights looks. 12 to be exact! Now all that’s left is a color-safe system, the occasional purple shampoo and you’re good to go:

Red Hair With Highlights: 12 Fun, Confident New Looks

red hair with highlights on blorange
Blorange is the new black. Photo credit:

1. Blorange

Y’all have seen this blonde-orange hybrid blow up on social media recently, and we’re all over it. This pretty spinoff of last year’s massive rose gold trend is perfect for red newbies: More of a light peach than full-on scarlet, it eases your eye into those reddish tones, with less of the upkeep too. The kiddie pool of red hair with highlights, blorange allows you to play in the shallow end, and what a pretty, sunset-like end it is.

red hair with highlights red orange ombré
Feminine yet edgy all at once, red/peach ombré helps you get your feelings straight on the redhead trend.

2. Red + Peach Ombré

Can’t choose between a robust red and a pretty pinkish/peachy hue? Get a color that gives you both. Not as jarring as it sounds in the slightest, this feminine hue is similar to having freshly dyed roots and ends that have been slightly ashed out by the passage of time. In other words, a bit sexily lived-in, which is a dainty yet trendy look to sport during the tail-end of the winter months, as it gives a last-minute rosy glow to your countenance. Looks fab over candlelit dinners too, wink wink.

Ed’s note: A color-safe wash and care system, like Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Color Assure Conditioner, keep our reds vibrant and fresh for as long as possible.

red hair with highlights copper honey
A bit rock ‘n roll, a bit runway: March calls for a ballsy new copper. Photo credit:

3. Copper with Honey Highlights

A light copper hair color is just the thing to match with a wardrobe full of transitional neutrals; bright honey and caramel highlights do their job to keep your look sharp and on-trend. For maximum impact, try styling your hair in a directional shoulder-dusting length, paired with some chic bangs.

red hair with highlights copper waves
An ashy base is a subtle foil for cool-toned copper waves. Photo credit:

4. Copper with Ash Brown Waves

This particular combo of red hair with highlights neutralizes any unwanted redness around your features, leaving you instead with an allover bright, perky flush.

red hair with highlights copper balayage
Highlights towards the middle of your face brighten up your features. Photo credit:

5. Bright Copper Balayage

If you’ve always wanted hair the color of freshly minted pennies, then this shade is for you. Rev it up with a balayage process in a similar shade, perhaps one to two shades lighter or darker, depending on your stylist, and you’ll end up with a rich, super-sexy, multi-tonal red that also looks more natural.

red hair with highlights chocomauve
Styling hair in waves makes the most out of chocomauve highlights. Photo credit: Hannah Edelman

6. Chocolate Mauve

Remember this look? Yeah, it’s still going strong. This lovely mix of brown and reddish-purple gave a whole, adult new spin on wearing alternative hues. Chocomauve is an understated shade that’s highly forgiving on most skin tones; and like blorange, it’s also a gateway shade for those not quite into the shock factor that red hair with highlights can bring.

red hair with highlights neon orange
A rooty pony is a fierce day-to-night look during the summer. Photo credit: Dvora

7. Rooty Orange

A zesty, edgy orangey hue is a cute color to try. Dark roots maintain a street-style flavor, while the neon lengths are a lot of fun.

red hair with highlights orange micro fringe
A bang keeps the look high fashion. Photo credit:

8. Grown-Out Copper

Some gals prefer a straightforward color that’s also easy to maintain, and a tiny, copper bob with hints of grown-out roots aces that gritty/pretty look in one go. Ladies who want an edgy red hairstyle, or those flirting with going the darker route from red, can try this moody look.

red hair with highlights auburn
A rich medium auburn is on-step for Fashion Month. Photo credit:

9. Bright Auburn

The clean tones of a cool auburn-copper mimic the crisp new breeze brought in by the weather this time of year. For an extra touch, ask your stylist for a fresh gloss to bring out the dimensions in your shade, which can breathe new life, and a healthy-looking smoothness, into your colored strands.

red hair with highlights scarlet purple
The darker shades also do the duty of contouring a wider face.

10. Scarlet + Purple

Robust without overpowering, this combination of red hair with highlights done on the roots is called a reverse ombré and is best suited for those unafraid to explore the darker side of the red family without going all out.

red hair with highlights curly auburn
Cozy months call for easy hair color.

11. Dark Auburn

A deep, multi-faceted auburn gives the right shot of color to your features without going crazy on the streaking, which can seem out of touch. Curls with just the right amount of lowlights best exemplify the dimensions in this hue.

red hair with highlights brown to red ombré
Keep it down or wear it up: The possibilities are endless for party season.

12. Brown to Bright Red Ombré

Try an Instagram-inspired ombré that starts darker at the root and gradually brightens up to a holly-red orange at the tips!

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