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Side Part Body Wave: 4 New and Unique Ways to Wear the Hairstyle

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Are you looking to ditch the typical middle part look but you’re not completely sure how to get out of your comfort zone? Then you should consider trying a side part body wave – a beautiful way to transition out of always wearing the middle part look!

A body wave is a looser type of wavy hair that can be achieved by using a larger curling roller on a curling iron. This look can be worn as a natural hair protective style when styled on a human hair weave or wig. It looks especially sleek and polished when worn to the side. 

Update Your Style with these Side Part Body Wave Looks

Here are a few different ways you can style the Side Part Body Wave Look:

1. Layered Side Part Body Wave

Side Part Body Wave with Layers
Add some volume to your side part body wave with layers. Photo by Joshua Oyebanji

A beautiful way to wear your body wave is in a layered cut. This will not only create an intricate look but will also add more volume to your hair if that’s your forte. Use Suave Professionals Firm Control Finishing Hairspray to help hold the layers in place all day! 

2. Crimped Body Wave Ponytail

Crimped Side Part Body Wave
Put a twist on body waves with crimps. Photo by Tobi Oshinnaiki

Wear your side part body wave in a ponytail for a sleek yet laid-back look. To add a more creative twist to your body wave, wear it in a crimped style. To achieve this look, after loosely curling your hair with a curling iron, use a crimper to enhance the look. When slicking down the top of your ponytail, use Suave Max Hold Sculpting Gel to establish a firm hold. 

3. Laidback Side Part Body Wave 

Loose Body wave
Loose Body Waves create a cute laidback look- Photo by Clout Africa

For a laidback side part body wave, slightly curl your hair with a large handle curling iron. Be sure not to keep your hair wrapped around the curling iron for too long while styling to help achieve that laid-back look of your desires! 

4. The Classic Side-Part Body Wave

classic body wave look
This classic look never goes out of style. Photo by Carrita Tanner

Looking to keep it cute, simple, and classy? One simply can’t go wrong with the classic side part body wave. Help create longevity and a fresh look for the style by using it on an every other day basis. 

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