Mohawk Fade: How to Get it Right

Tania Jen | 23 May 2016

A hair combo that’s bound to turn heads.

The mohawk fade is one of the coolest men style trends right now. A look that dates back to the punk era in the ’70s and ’80s is now making a modern-day resurgence. Today, you’ll find this men’s hairstyle to be more polished and professional-looking with a fresh vibe by combining the mohawk with a cleaned up fade hairstyle. It can now be worn in tons of different ways and for a variety of hair types. Whether you plan to wear your modern mohawk spiked, curly or in a man bun, knowing what you want is extremely important when you go for this look. Read on to learn more about how to get this look right:

Get the Mohawk Fade

mohawk fade haircut ideas

1. Find the right barber.

You probably have been going to the same barber since, well, forever. If not, search around for barbers who specialize in modern styles. You’ll want to make sure they have done this look multiple times and understand the request for your mohawk fade.

2. Bring in a picture.

Visuals are everything with this distinctive look. Do you homework, ask your bros for advice, and of course, check out our hair galleries for some inspiration. Visuals show your barber exactly what kind of mohawk you’re trying to achieve, including the length of your hawk and amount you want to fade.

3. Explain the look.

Once you’ve shown the stylist the picture of the look you want, make sure to also explain the style. How short or long you want the sides to be cut should be discussed thoroughly. Be vocal and clear about what your expectations are.

4. Make sure you have the right length.

Before arriving to the barbershop or salon, the hair on the crown should have length (at least one-inch long). The crest of the mohawk fade can be long and go directly to the back of your head or you can have it short. With a little bit of length, you’ll discover that the variations are endless.

5. Get the style down.

After you get your mohawk fade, ask your barber questions about what products he is using. Make sure you understand how the wax, gel, paste and/or pomade works to maintain the look and style in your hair. For everyday styling, try the Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade whose formula is non-greasy, enabling you to create a defined finish to your mohawk.

6. Keep up the style.

To have an amazing mohawk fade haircut, occasional trips to your hairstylist will be mandatory. Ask your barber how often you should go back to both maintain the look or what to do if you should want to grow it out. You’ll also need to keep your look trimmed and looking polished by washing and conditioning it regularly. Try the Axe Phoenix 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner.

Are you excited to try the mohawk fade?