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How to Create a Pompadour Haircut

Get in on this cool 50s inspired haircut.

These days more and more men are growing out their hair at the top and middle sections of their hair to get in on the trendiest men’s short hairstyles like the mohawk, the quiff, the comb-over and our latest favorite, the pompadour haircut. A hairstyle that started in the 1950s and now a mainstay on the red carpet, the pompadour is quite hot when paired with a slick looking suit.

Nowadays, the pompadour fade is extremely attractive when done in a style that has a clean fade combined with a dramatic top section of hair neatly smoothed backward. We love that this style can be worn absolutely anywhere since it’s extremely versatile. Growing out your hair and want to try something new, or willing to try a much neater version of the retro pomp?  Go for the pompadour haircut, and read through to figure out how:

Getting and Styling The Pompadour Haircut

pompadour haircut
Modern undercut pompadour. Photo credit: Dvora

At the barbershop

Some like it classy and some like it crazy; either way it’s styled, the pompadour haircut is still rather cool. To keep things dapper, sophisticated and neat, let’s keep the style on the calm and collected side. Get your sides cut like a skin fade haircut that gradually tapers downwards. Keep the hair at your top middle section long enough for styling. You want to be able to achieve the perfect pompadour style with an adequate amount of volume within your hair, so about three to four  inches of hair at the top is ideal.

Styling The Pompadour Haircut at Home

Step 1: On clean towel- or air-dried hair, apply a heat protectant like TRESemmé Platinum Strength Heat Spray to prep your hair for the blow-drying process. Spray throughout your hair or spritz on your hands and run through your hair from roots to ends. Don’t skip this step—you’ll be using high heat—and it’s best to protect your hair from the damaging effects of heat.

Step 2: Using high heat, and ensuring the concentration nozzle is attached, blow-dry your hair using your hands to comb through your strands or use a brush to encourage volume. We recommend first blow-drying your hair forward, pulling the hair gently upwards so roots have lift when combed backwards. If you have textured hair, be sure to hold the strands taut to straighten out your texture. Make sure your hair is completely dry before proceeding to the next step, as we’re going for a smooth and non-frizzy finish.

Step 3: Your hair should now have lots of volume and body from the blow-drying process. Comb or finger-comb your hair back. Warm some molding paste (about a dime-sized amount) or pomade like Axe Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade on the palm of your hands, then gently run the product through your hair. We recommend using something that provides and all-day hold to keep your hairstyle in place.

Step 4: This is optional but worth it: Set the hair in place with a hairspray to finish off the style. If you used a styling product that provides the amount of hold you desire, skip this step and move on to the next step to finish up your style.

Step 5: Once you’ve got your pompadour styled and in place, blast a cold shot from your blow dryer to seal the hair cuticle and keep things from budging around. This technique is great for warm or humid days when your hairstyle won’t last more than an hour after stepping into the great outdoors.

Have you tried this version of the pompadour haircut?

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