How to Wear Your New Man Bun

New man bun styles, for once. 

Is 2017 the year you’re finally going to try out the man bun? This style has been so big for so long without changing very much. For 2017 we’re hoping to see a few more guys try out the new man bun (a.k.a the non-boring man bun). Bonus: it only takes a few extra minutes to make your new man bun much more interesting, plus you’ll have a few more styling options up your sleeve. Read on to learn three different ways to wear the new man bun.

New Man Bun Styles to Try This Year

new man bun with a low bun
The man is more than just the classic top knot.

1. Easy Accents

We are so ready for the man bun to have a new look. In fact, we’re so excited about it we’ve even done a few tutorials to show you how to do it! When it comes to easy accents (e.g. tweaks to make your new man bun more interesting) it doesn’t get easier than the twist. This twisted man bun tutorial will show you exactly how to get this style. But it really boils down to twisting the sides of your hair first and using the Dove Men+Care Sculpting Paste to help keep it all together.

Other accents you could try are adding in a man braid, or doing a half-up man bun instead. These little changes make your man bun much more than a simple style. They make it a handsome, thoughtful, put-together look.

new man bun inspiration from Instagram
A messy man bun to try out. Photo credit: @PhilipBottenberg

2. Messy Man Bun

If you’ve got seriously long hair, trying an accented look may take a little more effort. Which we are totally all for, by the way. But, if you’re not feeling it create a messy man bun to show off all that hair instead. Just make sure, you know, that your hair is clean first. Use the Suave Men 2-in-1 Ocean Charge Shampoo + Conditioner for clean, hydrated hair.

You can then air-dry your hair, or blow-dry your hair if you’re in a rush. To create the messy bun, pull all your hair up and loop around a hair tie. Instead of pulling all of your hair through the hair tie, only pull it about halfway before looping again. It creates that messy look in an instant.

new man bun top knot
Proudly wear a clean cut man bun with a top knot.

3. Clean Up Your Look

Last one is a whole new look for your new man bun. Instead of wearing all of your hair long, try shaving down sections. You could go whole hog and do a high up undercut (pictured above) or you could just do a man bun fade on the nape of your neck. We think that having shaved sections on dudes with long hair seriously cleans up your look. You can proudly wear this style in an executive meeting, as well as to the beach. Score!

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