summer hair essentials for men: comb over

Summer Hair Essentials for Men: Get Through the Season with These!

Summertime and your hair should be breezy.

Summer is the season when the least you want to think about is styling your hair. It’s the season for chilling, having fun, and exploring in good weather. While this sounds like the ideal summer, we believe you should always consider your grooming. When you put your foot out the door, your look, from hair-to-toe, should express who you are and what you stand for. The right summer hair essentials for men will help you be on your way to doing just that.

Whether you’re a guy that decides to use the summer season to put his curls on display, or it’s your season to highlight your quiff styling skills, there’s a hair product for you. Read on for our list of summer hair essentials for men to help you get through the hot and hazy season:

Summer Hair Essentials for Men

summer hair essentials: curly hair
Nothing like defined curls in the summer time.

1. Control Gel

Are wash and go styles your thing for the summer? Do you prefer to have curls with a sense of control? We get it. It’s not every guy that can pull off the appropriately messy curly hair look. If you prefer a more defined and smooth curl style your hair with Dove Men + Care Control Gel.

summer hair essentials for men: quiff
Try the disheveled quiff for the summer season.

2. Flexible Hold Styling Paste

Thinking of taking a stab at the messier version of the quiff for the summer? There’s a product to help you achieve just that. Opt for products that allows for movement within your style. Use AXE Urban Messy Flexible Paste to style your summer quiff.

summer hair essential: men
Your lifestyle shouldn’t prevent you from having clean and amazing hair.

3. Daily use shampoo and conditioner

If you’re planning to spend lots of time outdoors being active, that may require daily hair washing. Find a hair care system that suits your active lifestyle. Dove Men+Care Complete Care Fortifying 2-In-1 Shampoo + Conditioner is suitable for daily use and leaves hair looking visibly healthy and resilient. No need to worry about sweaty and dirty hair during the summer season.

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