Barber Terms and Hairstyles for Black Men

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We recently gave you an easy-to-understand guide to barber terms from a barber himself, Carlos Rivera of Allen Cut Shave. With that guide, you should have been able to communicate to your barber the exact hairstyle or haircut you want to leave his chair with. We’re revisiting that post but with a twist. This time around, we’re providing you with some more hairstyles options you can get using those same barber terms you learned before. Read on for your new hairstyle options.

Barber Terms and Hairstyles for Black Men

Barber Term: The High Top

As Carlos Rivera noted in his guide, you can get this look by simply bringing a photo of the exact look you want. Here are some style ideas you can get with this cut.

1. Mohawk High Top

barber terms: high top
Create your own version of the high top.

Want a high top haircut with a twist? Try it with a mohawk style.

2. Textured High Top

barber terms: twisted high top
Add some texture to your style.

You can request to have sponge curls or twisted ends to your high top to give it more texture.

Barber Term: Blowout

This haircut is also known as a tape-up or a taper. The barber simply cuts the sides and back of your hair but leaves the top and blows it out with a blowdryer to create the blowout look.

3. Short Blowout

barber terms: blow out short
Blowout style on a shorter hair length.

Give your short style a little bit of length with a blowout style.

4. Curly Blowout

barber terms: curly blowout
Add curls to your blowout cut. Photo credit: Dvora

With this style your barber or stylist will focus on blowing out the roots to avoid straightening your curls on top. Style with Dove Men+Care Control Gel to define your curls.

Barber Term: Skin Fade

This fade is the lower version of a regular fade and exposes more of your skin.

5. Skin Fade

barber terms: skin fade
Get the look on the sides only.

You can opt for a skin fade all around or just around the sides.

6. Skin Fade with Parts

barber terms: skin fade
Update your skin fade with parts.

Your skin fade doesn’t have to be boring. Add one or two parts or even an undercut design to update the look. Try SheaMoisture Men Tea Tree Oil & Shea Butter Bald Head Moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized.

Barber Term: High Fade

Often confused with high tops, high fades are simply just the opposite of skin fades. How does it look? Well, think about having more hair and less skin exposure.

7. Classic High Fade

barber terms: high fade
The classic cut. Photo credit:

Keep it just a little bit lower than your top section.

8. High Fade

barber terms: high fade cut
One length all around.

Keep it simple with a high fade all around.

9. High Fade and High Top

barber terms: high fade high top
Best of both worlds. Photo credit:

Mix a high fade with a high top haircut if you want both.

10. High Fade and Dreadlocks

barber terms: high fade dreadlocks
One way to style your locs.

The high fade also looks good on dreadlock styles. Define your strands with a bit of SheaMoisture Men Argan Oil & Shea Butter Defining Cream.


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