High and Tight Haircut: The Crispest, Cleanest of Fade Haircuts Gets Top Marks

Eunice Lucero | 09 August 2018
high and tight haircut with joshua
2mins Style Easy

Get the tips to master the styling for the high and tight from this hair tutorial.

Popular for it’s crisp, clean aesthetic, the high and tight haircut now finds itself way beyond its military origins via various faded versions on the runways and the streets. Now considered one of the most distinguished and stylish men’s hairstyles out there—and not just ’cause it’s as low-maintenance as it comes, and boasts of a remarkable ease of wear—the high and tight is also considered a classic look with a supremely confident air.

As the name suggests, it’s an extremely short, neat haircut that’s found purpose other than just keeping hair clipped to regulation length (and therefore free from obstructing your vision on the battlefield). It spiffs up its wearer in a snap; but it’s also actually a pretty democratic haircut, and has yet to find a hair type—from straight to wavy to super kinky—that it can’t work with.

Joshua brings that point home as he grooms his own high and tight fade in the simplest of ways: with just some cream and the swirl of a hair sponge. But just because he’s rocking one of the shortest haircuts in the book doesn’t mean it’s something he overlooks. On the contrary: “Style is important,” he asserts. “It’s a way of showing people a bit about myself before they meet me.” Not bad for the little ex-military haircut that could, no? Scroll on:

The High and Tight Haircut with Joshua

high and tight haircut with cream

Take some cream.

The high and tight haircut looks a bit more defined with a bit of product. Take a small finger-scoop of cream, like AXE Natural Look: Understated Cream, to infuse some texture into your hair.

mix product for high and tight haircut

Rub between palms.

Mix the product in between your palms to warm it up and make for a smoother spread.

scrunch into your high and tight haircut

Work it in.

Scrunch the cream into your high and tight haircut so your hair fully absorbs the product. Don’t forget your sides and back, even though the fade is shortest on these areas!

sponge your high and tight haircut

Rub your hair with a sponge.

Using a hair sponge (you can purchase this at any beauty supply store or drugstore), rub all over your head to ensure an even distribution of product. Go in small circular motions for best results, or follow an existing parting if you have one.

high and tight haircut final

All set!

You’re done and out the door.

If you have straight hair that’s faded into a high and tight, try giving hair more definition with a fine-toothed or rat-tail comb instead of a sponge. Better yet, use your fingers to point-style: Simply rake the cream through your head, and mold at will. Cheers!

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