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6 Attractive Ways to Wear Curtain Haircuts for Men

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Is it time for a new haircut? Are you looking for something that is trendy, attractive, and different from anything you have ever tried? Then next time you sit in your barber’s chair, you should consider getting a curtain haircut!

 A curtain haircut typically involves having your hair split fringe over your face with a middle hair parting. While the front of the hair is left longer, the back and side parts of the hair tend to be cut down.

How to Get a Curtain Haircut

curtains hairstyle: shot of male model with blonde curtains bangs at london collection men show
Credit: Dvora

To get this look your hair needs to be medium or long at the top, essentially the fronts of your hair should be touching your top lip.  If it isn’t, you might need to grow out your hair a little longer. If you do, read on to learn how to create a curtains hairstyle.

Step 1. On damp hair, work through some hair oil to make your tresses smooth. As this look is frizz-free, it’s important to use a hair product that can help you achieve that.

Step 2. Take a comb and figure out where you want your middle parting to fall. Once you have done this, you can either let your hair air dry in this shape or if you feel like it won’t hold, use a blow dryer.

Step 3.  Set your hair dryer to a medium heat setting and direct it as close to your hair as possible to keep the look smooth.

Step 4.  With the hair dryer in one hand and the brush in the other, brush through your hair, following its natural direction (from the top, downwards) to avoid frizz.

Step 5. Once your hair is dry, run a high-holding clay like the Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Matte Cream through your mane. This will ensure your hair curtains stay in place.

6 Attractive Ways to Wear Curtain Haircuts for Men

Although there is a more traditional way to wear the curtain haircut, thanks to creatives, we have been able to see so many different takes and different ways to style the haircut. If you’re not completely sold on getting this style yet. Check these attractive, curtain haircuts in men. 

1. Curly Curtain Haircut for Men 

Curly bangs for men
Curtain haircuts look great on curly hair too. Photo by José León

If you have curly hair the curtain haircut is for you too! To achieve this style, trim your curls, split your hair into a middle part, and let your curls fringe in front of your face. To keep your curls defined in this cut, use Dove Amplified Textures Twist In Moisture Shaping Butter Cream

2. Side Parted Curtain Haircut 

Man with side parted curtain hair
You don’t have to use a middle part for a curtain bang! Photo by Ahmed Hindawi

Forget the norms with this cut by wearing your parting to the side as opposed to the middle. With this cut, you will achieve the look of soft fringes which will create a chic, sleek, and classic look that will look amazing when worn to formal events. 

3. Lifted Curtains 

man with lifted curtain haircut
Get your curtains out of your face. Photo by Brian Lawson.

Loving the curtain haircut look but not loving the idea of your hair being in your face? Then lift those curtains up! If your hair is long enough, you can gel your hair up slightly to the point where it’s out of your face. Yet your hair will still slightly drape over your face, especially at the far ends of your hair. For a firm hold while gelling your hair up use  TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Gel

4. Curtain Buzzcut 

man with curtain buzzcut
Add a twist to your next scheduled buzzcut. Photo by Megan Bagshaw

Buzzcuts never go out of style! Put a twist on your typical buzzcut by implementing the curtain to your haircut. This style consists of shaving down the top part of your hair and leaving some of your grown hair at the top. Then fringe out your bangs, for the perfect drape over your forehead. This is also a great look for men who don’t want to part their hair. 

5. Mini Curtains 

mini curtain bangs on men
Still growing out your hair, try this curtain style out. Photo by Mahdi Bafande

Try a mini curtain haircut if you’re still growing your hair out. This is also a great style to wear if you’re looking to try the curtain haircut and see if it’s for you. To achieve this look, leave your hair uncut in the front and trim down the back parts of your hair. This creates an increased effect for the curtain haircut. To hold your haircut firmly into place throughout the day, try using a light-holding hairspray such as Suave Professionals Flexible Control Hairspray.

6. Half Curtain Haircut for Men 

half curtain bang haircut
Swoop your curtain bangs to one side for an edgier look. Photo by Panos Sakalakis

Want to add some edge to the curtain look? Then wear your curtain halfway. You can achieve this look by swooping both ends of your bangs to one side. Or you could leave one side of your bangs lifted up while leaving another section down. Style your half curtain with AXE Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade for a sleek curtain look 

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