How to Grow a Man Bun: Easy Ways to Get this Look

Tania Jen | 21 May 2016

This look has some serious staying power.

You’ve been pondering about the idea of growing a man bun. You’ve seen it in men’s magazines, on your favorite actor, and on that guy that serves you espresso every Sunday morning at your local bistro. The basics of a man bun involve growing your hair out. From there you’ll need to master some styling tips in order to get your hair into a perfectly suited man bun for your lifestyle (yes, there is more than one option for this popular style). You can also adapt it for your professional life to your relaxed weekend look. Plus, mastering the way to get your long hair out for your eyes may be just be the hair game changer you need. So if you’re ready, read on to learn more about how to grow a man bun.

How to Grow a Man Bun

How to Grow a Man Bun Man bun hair
Man bun hair is a cool way to style your long hair.

1. Length is necessary.

First things first, to create the ultimate man bun you’re going to need medium length to long hair. Not all men can deal with that process since growing hair out can take a lot of time and be tedious. If you are committed to long hair, it will be so worth it. For this look, you’ll need around 10- 12 inches is an good length to aim for to achieve a great bun. Use a daily shampoo and conditioner like the Dove Men+Care Fresh & Clean Fortifying 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner. Once your hair has grown to the appropriate length, your ready to create the perfect man bun style for your face type.

2. Consider the styles.

The traditional man bun style is usually features a top knot look. It’s kind of messy and the bun is widely looped with an elastic band. The man bun can be worn high on top of the head or low at the nape in a semi bun. Don’t pull hair too much, this can lead to hair loss and split ends. Shaved sides with hair on just the crown, also known as the undercut bun, is another cool way to wear your man bun. It’s a more trendier and bohemian way to wear your new style. Another style that’s recently caught our eye is the man braid. This weaving style allows your hair to get out of your face, while adding some style to your look. A great look for that in-between stage or for those with medium-length hair.

3. What you’ll need.

Keeping the man bun needs much more maintenance than short hair styles, so you will need a few new products and hair tools. With longer hair, you’ll definitely need to use a moisturizing conditioner, leave-in conditioner and or a deep conditioner that will give your new long locks the much-needed moisture and hydration.

Next, rethink the kind of products you want to use. Gel like the Axe Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel and pomade like the Bed Head for Men by TIGI Slick Trick Firm Hold Pomade are all great hair care products to help keep hair in place as you look sleek and chic. This is especially ideal if you are rocking your man bun in a professional setting.  Even if you are going for the “messy” look, products are still advised to create the look.

Rubber bands are a no when it comes to securing your bun. Instead, opt for elastic bands or loose bands that won’t pull hair out or get tangled. Fabric headbands are a good way to keep locks out of your face when working out or washing face.

As you can see, rocking the man bun isn’t as easy as it may seem. With these simple tips, you’ll have the ultimate coifed man bun you’ve been eyeing.



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