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Last-minute spooky hairstyles you'll love!
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Halloween is just around the corner and the celebrating has already begun here (albeit socially-distanced)! (Virtual) costume contests, themed parties, spooky socially-distanced hangs—you name it. In honor of Halloween, we’ve created a series of mini-tutorials to help you achieve some definitively spooky hairstyles. Bookmark these looks for this Halloween weekend and prepare for the spookiest Insta-worthy styles you’ve ever tried!

Step 1

Brush hair.

Start off by combing your hair with a hairbrush for a smooth and sleek start

spooky hairstyles comb hair
Step 2

Curl your hair!

Separation your hair into smaller and more manageable sections and curl small sections of hair within each area.

spooky hairstyles curl hair
Step 3

Pin your accessory into place.

Curl the remaining sections and then place your headband on your head. Use bobby pins to hold the headband in place

spooky hairstyles pin
Step 4

Wrap your cat ears.

Grab a 2-inch section of hair from the front of your head and twist it before threading it through the headband. Repeat on the other side!

spooky hairstyles weave hair
Step 5

That's it!

That’s it! Pair your cat ears with a vampy makeup look for the full effect!

spooky hairstyle
Step 1

Prep your strands.

Start off by prepping your strands with a smoothing cream. We love Bed Head by TIGI After Party Smoothing Cream for a style like this! Run a dollop through the ends of your hair.

spooky hairstyles bed head
Step 2

Section your hair.

Use your fingers or a comb to extend your part to the nape of your neck as you separate your hair into two sections

spooky hairstyles section hair
Step 3

Braid away!

Create tight three-strand braids on each side of your head.

spooky hairstyles braid hair
Step 4

You're done!

Secure the end of each braid with hair tie and that’s it – you’re done

spooky hairstyles double braids
Step 1

Comb your hair.

Start off by combing your hair so that you have a smooth and sleek base

spooky hairstyles comb hair
Step 2

Section and secure.

After that, section off your hair to prepare your strands for curling. These smaller sections will make your hair much easier to manage!

spooky hairstyles secure the back
Step 3

Curl each section.

It’s time to curl! Use a 1-inch curling wand to curl small sections of your hair to create that naturally curly look

spooky hairstyles curl hair
Step 4

Add some shine!

Add some major shine to your curls by misting them with Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Shine Hairspray. This hairspray will give your curls a boost of shine and hold at the same time!

spooky hairstyles spritz
Step 5

Finger comb your curls.

Flip your head over and use your hands to finger comb your curls and separate them. This will give you that voluminous lioness look

spooky hairstyles finger comb
Step 6

Tease your curls.

If you want to add even more volume, consider using a teasing comb to tease your curls and give them tons of texture

spooky hairstyles tease
Step 7

That's it!

That’s it! Your voluminous lioness mane is complete.

spooky hairstyles long curly brown hair

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