Bob with Bangs: Top 10 Trendy Ways to Style Your Bob

These bob hair with bangs short and sleek styles are fun, flirty and on-trend. 

A short and sweet bob with bangs is a timeless and age-defying style, and is also perfectly on-trend for this season. This short and edgy look can be styled and finessed into a number of different iterations, each one different from the last. From edgy and bold to short and sweet, this collection of the top 10 trendy ways to style your bob with bangs is sure to inspire:

10 Trendy Ways to Style Your Bob with Bangs

bob with bangs vivid red headband
This is why you can’t go wrong with a headband when contemplating bob haircuts with bangs.

1. Prep School Chic

Take your bob with bangs down the sweet and flirty route with this prep school reminiscent hairstyle. Wear a trendy and textured headband to add an extra sweet touch.

bob with bangs brown side bangs
Give your bob hairstyles with bangs a silky edge.

2. Silky Perfection

Consider this product your new secret weapon: S Factor by TIGI Silky Smooth Serum. This serum will add a dose of silky perfection to your strands make them magazine cover worthy in seconds.

bob with bangs pink hair
Play with (multiple) colors.

3. Pop of Color

Alternatively, you can take the bold and daring route. Consider dyeing your strands multiple shades of pink and purple for a taste of the wild side.

bob with bangs light red
Lighten up with a soft shade of red hair color.

4. Lighten Up

Pair your bold cut and straight style with a lighter, softer hair color. We can’t get enough of this chic light red hue.

bob with bangs light brown blunt
The always-edgy and sometimes-sweet blunt cut, AKA one of our all-time favorite bob cuts with bangs.

5. The Blunt Cut

This style is all blunt edges and angles and it’s one of our favorites. A cut like this always looks fresh and super healthy due to the fresh-looking edges.

bob with bangs gray hair
Making a case for leaving the hair dye on the shelf at the drugstore.

6. Going Gray

It almost seems like some kind of rite of passage: getting to the point where you have to cover up your strands with a box of hair dye you bought at the drugstore. But what about embracing your graying color? Pair your sophisticated hues with a blunt and beautiful bob with bangs style.

bob with bangs dark brunette
Take your brunette hair up a notch with these hairstyles, bob with bangs classic and one of our personal favorites.

7. Darker than Ever

Take your brunette hair color to the next level by dyeing it a darker hue of brown color. Use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Shampoo and TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Conditioner to keep your color vibrant and your strands smooth long after you leave the salon.

bob with bangs bleach blonde messy bun
Introducing: the messy bun that works on all hair lengths.

8. The Micro Messy Bun

Yeah, it’s a thing. Think of the micro messy bun as the messy bun formulated specifically for short hair. Pull your strands back into a chic and easy tiny knot and use bobby pins to hold any loose ends in place. bob with bangs black silky

Give your strands a healthy sheen.

9. Silky and Smooth

Keep your strands (a.k.a. your new chic bob) silky and smooth by regularly combing your strands. By running and hair brush or a comb through your hair, you’ll spread the natural oils that your scalp produces and give your hair a naturally smooth and silky healthy-looking sheen.

bob with bangs black hair messy texture
These days, there’s no such thing as too much texture.

10. Texture is Key

When we look back at this era of the hairstyle timeline, there’s no doubt that we’ll recognize that texture has been key for the vast majority of the styles. Shorter strands are not exempt from this trend. In fact, we love how a usually sleek and proper bob looks with a little bit of messy texture.

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