6 Festive Party Hairstyles for Short Hair

Allison | 07 November 2016

Get your short hair holiday-ready with these party hairstyles.

We know you are already getting booked up for a slew of awesome holiday parties this year. With every party comes the party prep, including what you’re going to wear and how you are going to style your hair. If you have short hair, you’re probably figuring out some of the best party hairstyles for short hair that don’t include styles that you typically wear. Thankfully, party hairstyles for short hair are anything but dull. This holiday season, think outside the box where you can change up your part, the direction of your hair or add some spikes to your look. Read on to get inspired with six of our favorite party hairstyles for short hair that you’ll be able to rock in no time.

Party Hairstyles for Short Hair: The Holiday Edition

party hairstyles for short hair with the pixie
A cool, texturized pixie is a fun option for your party.

1. Disheveled Long Pixie

Get this perfectly tousled look in just minutes before heading to your holiday bash. This style looks best on day or two old hair. Start by using your flat iron to straighten out just the last inch or so of your hair. This way you’ll get a straight but piecey effect. Then use some gel, like the Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gelto craft your style as it provides you with a strong hold.

party hairstyles for short hair such as winged hair tips
Create mini layers to your short hair with the hair wings.

2. Winged Out

For a festive way to take shake up your normally straight short bob, try winging it out. For this style arm yourself with your best flat iron and hairspray to make sure your style will stay all day. Using your flat iron, straighten your hair as usual but an inch or two before the ends, twist upwards. This will give you the winged effect. Set your style by using some of the Bed Head By TIGI Hard Head Hairspray.

party hairstyles for short hair with accessories
Sparkle this holiday season with some chic hair accessories.

3. Accent Accessories

If you’ve got a really short ‘do jazz it up in just a second with an elegant hair accessory. A large statement accessory can be popped on instead of trying to fuss with an accent braid. Depending on what accessory you go for you may want to place it horizontally or vertically. Either way a good place to start is just above your ear on one side.

party hairstyles for short hair such as a bob
A sleek, power bob is awesome for parties. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Smooth and Sleek

This may be the easiest party hairstyles for short hair since all you need to do is dry your hair. After washing  your hair, apply a drop or two of TRESemmé Keratin Infusing Smoothing Serum throughout your hair. Then, blow-dry your hair straight for a sleek style.

party hairstyles for short hair with an updo
Yes – you can wear a updo with your short hair.

5. Short Hair Updo

Get a new look out of your short hair by slicking back the sides and wearing a updo. For this style you’ll need to make two parts, following the arch of your eyebrows upwards. Section off the top of your hair to get it out of the way for a moment. Then, take both side sections, brush backwards and pin in place. Style the top section forwards for the most dramatic effect.

party hairstyles for short hair with wavy hair
All over ringlets is quite the gorgeous holiday look.

6. Perfectly Curled

Sometimes curling short hair can be a true struggle. You can follow these tips for curling short hair with a curling iron, or try out a heat free curling technique. Word to the wise, these hairstyle ideas work best on hair that’s at least four or five inches long. Once your hair is curled, brush through with your fingers to pump up the volume. Lock in your curly locks with some hairspray and you’ll be set.

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