25 Hairstyles Every Cool Kid Will Be Wearing To The Club

Be the coolest kid at the club with these hot hairstyles.

Is your hair looking a little too bland for the club scene? Picking out cute club hairstyles that are both unique and effortless can become a pretty hard task. If you’re looking for a cool new ‘do for the weekend, then don’t worry, we’ve got your back. These are some of the hottest club hairstyles every It girl will be wearing at their next big night out. Keep the party going and prepare to be the talk of the town with these looks:

25 Club Hairstyles For Your Next Big Night Out

club hairstyles blunt bob
Make a statement with this posh blunt bob.

1. Blunt Bob

A blunt bob is one of our top cute club hairstyles because it is runway-ready chicness that will make you the “it” girl of the night. Remember to keep your frizz and fly-aways tamed all night long with Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray

club hairstyles mimi top knot bun
A mini bun can go a long way with your style.

2. Mini Top Knot Bun

A mini top knot bun is perfect for giving your hair a little big of height and style without having to put too much effort in. Make your mini top knot stand out with a fun scrunchie or pin.

club hairstyles pink hair
Pink hair, don’t care.

3. Pink Hair

Want a hair color that’s as wild and free-spirited as you? Then go for some neon pink locks!

club hairstyles bangs
Upgrade your style with some bangs.

4. Bangs

Get a grunge and editorial-worthy look with bangs. Dawned by almost ever A-list supermodel, these bangs will get you into any VIP area at ease. Give your bangs the ultimate textured look while keeping frizz at bay with the TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Texture Hold Level 1.

club hairstyles asymmetrical bob
Show your wild side with this asymmetrical cut.

5. Asymmetrical Bob

This asymmetrical look will get heads turning in envy as you break it down on the dance floor.

club hairstyles headpiece
A headpiece can take your club hairstyle to new heights.

6. Headpiece

All the cute club hairstyles have as least one unique side to them, and a headpiece is definitely the easiest way to make your style more original.

club hairstyles rainbow hair
Make your hair the life of the party with rainbow locks!

7. Rainbow Hair

Transform into the party chameleon with rainbow hair! This lively style pops tons of vibrant color in your hair, and will make you the talk of the whole club.

club hairstyles kinky curls
Voluminous curls give your style some fullness and volume.

8. Voluminous Curls

If your hair is naturally extra curly, this is definitely one of the easy club hairstyles on this list for you. Just scrunch in some Bed Head by TIGI Foxy Curls Mousse to keep your curls frizz-free, blast with a diffuser on a blow-dryer and you’re ready to party!

club hairstyles high ponytail
A sleek, high ponytail is simple yet chic.

9. High Ponytail

Let’s be real, nothing beats a sleek and sexy high ponytail.

club hairstyles long afro
Let your hair reach all levels of style with a long afro.

10. Long Afro

Let your curls fly high in a voluminous afro. This style will take you to new heights at the club!

club hairstyles fringe bangs
Get the fringed look with these bangs.

11. Fringed Bangs

Get the wispy, wanderlust look with these fringed bangs. They’re flirty and fun, and make big waves when you’re rockin’ out on the dance floor.

club hairstyles double braids
This fun style is always fun to rock on the dance floor.

12. Double Braids

You’ll be giving everyone double vision with these fun double braids. Spice up your braids with some colorful hair ties and loose bangs.

club hairstyles loose curls
Loose curls are always a sultry and sexy look for the club.

13. Loose Curls

Be the sexiest girl in the club with some loose curls. This is ultimately one of the best club hairstyles because it’s a classic look that we can always depend on. Give your curls extra volume by using Suave Professionals Natural Volume Mousse when styling.

club hairstyles side swept bangs
Another classic style for a flirty night in the club scene.

14. Side Swept Bangs

Give your hair a sultry gaze with some side swept bangs. They give your hair an added boost of fullness and thickness.

club hairstyles box braids
Nothing says “good time” better than some playful box braids.

15. Box Braids

Box braids are one of our favorite hairstyles! They have so much detail and texture, and they’re so playful, what’s not to love about them?

club hairstyles retro bob
This blast from the past style is making a major comeback to the club.

16. Retro Bob

It’s time to bring back this 1920’s club hairstyle! It gives a more glamorous twists to the usually kooky and crazy club hairstyles, and it’s pretty simple to style. Just curl it, smooth down some of your locks with TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel, and you’re ready to go.

club hairstyles short ringlets
We’re keepin’ it short and sweet with our kinky curls.

17. Short Ringlets

These bouncy curls are perfect for a big night out. This is one of the best club hairstyles for natural hair because all you need to do is, well, nothing! Just head out the door and have a great time with your naturally flawless hair.

club hairstyles pastel colors
Give your hair a total makeover with some pastel color!

18. Pastel Colors

Nothing screams “life of the party” more than some fun color. So, get on the trend and put some fun pasted colors in your hair.

club hairstyles neon ombre
Upgrade your average ombré with a pop of neon color.

19. Neon Ombré

Spice up your ombré’s life with some fresh, new color. Ditch that basic color gradient by adding some neon pinks, blues, purples, or any other color your heart desires!

club hairstyles platinum blonde
Icy platinum locks are never a dull choice.

20. Platinum Hair

When blonde isn’t blonde enough for you, then your must go platinum. This ashy blonde color is one of the trendiest looks that’ll make you the coolest kid in the club scene.

club hairstyles top knot bun
The bigger, the better with this top knot bun.

21. Large Top Knot Bun

Let your hair reach new heights of chic with this top knot bun. If you have thick, voluminous hair, rocking it in a top knot bun is the best way to make it stand out.

club hairstyles pixie cut
A fun and flirty pixie cut is always a great choice for the club.

22. Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is an edgy and bold look that will make you earn the crown of fashionista for the night.

club hairstyles buzz cut
Go bold and buzzed with your style

23. Buzz Cut

Want to be the boldest girl in the room? Go for the buzz cut! This style is perfect for the nonconformists who want to go against the grain.

club hairstyles straight hair
Keep it straight and sexy.

24. Straight

Straight hair has always been one of our ultimate style staples. If you want to give your straight hair some volume and texture like the picture above, then add some Bed Head by TIGI Hard To Get Texturizing Paste to your locks when styling it.

club hairstyles bow bun
Make your hair as fun as you are with this bow look!

25. Bow Bun

If you want a hairstyle that’s as femme and adorable as you, then this bun bow hairstyle is the one for you! It’s definitely one of our top picks for cute club hairstyles, and it’ll catch everyone’s eye.

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